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Make history every single day with Vanilla Video.

Discover New Cultures

Get exposed to a wide variety of cultures, traditions and experiences every day, as you film and edit at Vanilla Video.

Explore Communities

Whether its 90-stories up in Chicago, or miles into the suburbs, you will see the city like never before at Vanilla Video.

Meet New People

From executives and politicians, to world famous celebrities, you will meet many interesting people along the way.

Exciting & Unique

Vanilla Video is a lot like working with friends — we are a close-knit team.

Full time Chicago, US
Part time Chicago, US

Culture Makes the Difference

We are more than artisans building a world-class video portfolio.


Every video becomes a part of a collection. The work you do at Vanilla Video stands the test of time — and it all begins with you.

Great feats come from great people. Our team tugs at perfection by first sourcing the best talent. We commit ourselves to rigorous analysis, training and evaluation by co-workers. You will become amazing in this craft, and our company culture will give you a new appreciation for the smallest artistic & business details — culminating in a perfect customer experience.


We only use high-quality gear.

Every videographer at Vanilla Video is outfitted with tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, and trained on multiple cameras for various types of video production. We routinely upgrade our gear to take advantage of the latest technologies. You will also go beyond traditional industry standards, working with our proprietary technologies only found at Vanilla Video — learning trade secrets and workflows that will push your productions to the next level.


You matter to us.

We take great care to be welcoming to each employee, while still pushing you to become an essential part of the team. Our goal is to refine your skills in a friendly environment with training, practice and challenges along the way. You will run with the best, forge new friendships, make a difference in your community and improve the lives of many customers. We are Vanilla Video.

What's it like working at Vanilla Video?

Working at Vanilla Video is a lot like working with friends. We are a close-knit team of highly skilled video, web, and technical experts looking to improve the video production experience. Our team grows and learns together — no single person can do all the things that make customers love Vanilla Video, it takes a dedicated team. There is a reason our average employee tenure is 5+ years.

CEO / Co-Founder of Vanilla Video, Corey Olson

Come discover what makes Vanilla Video a great career.