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Reliable Over 3,500 Customers and 4,000+ Projects.

Video Production for Corporate & Business

Looking for a world-class video production team to handle all of your business video projects? Vanilla Video is trusted by Fortune 500 companies — fast, affordable and easy to work with.

Fast Turnaround

Standard deliver is 2 weeks. We can do next-day upon request.

Amazing Support

Multiple staff, so you are never left hanging. We got your back.

Dynamic Experience.

Thousands of video projects completed. We can handle it.

Scaled to Your Video Production Needs

Loved by Thousands — Why more companies choose Vanilla Video, and prefer working with our laid-back, professional and cool-as-a-cucumber team.

Multiple Videographers. Flexible Crew Sizes.

Most projects involve one or two crew members. However, we do have experience with larger crews, running mulitple crews and / or studios per day, and hiring specialized roles for projects — e.g., actors, sound technicians, booking the studio(s), handling catering, makeup, props, etc.

Standard Prices. Flexible for Any Budget.

One of our stand-out features is transparent pricing and flexibility when it comes to accommodating budgets. We have a la carte pricing available for virtually any project, and can easily add, drop or swap-out features to make budgets work. However, we do have order minimums.

Great at Directing, and Taking Directives.

Many companies choose Vanilla Video thanks to our laid back approach, and our willingness to take a backseat to customer preferences. We are not artists trying to build a portfolio; we are business owners, and professionals, just like you. Video is just a superb business marketing tool.

Highly Trusted with a 5-Star Rating.

Unlike most companies, we don't ask for reviews and have maintained a 5-star rating for nearly a decade. That comes from building trust with customers, respecting employees and smarter business practices; few can match our sheer volume of video work, with similar high-star reviews.

Video is all we do. We make simple videos that perform. Thousands of videos completed.

Come discover how Vanilla Video became one of the best video production companies in Chicago, with the best and most talented videographers and video editors.

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Product Demo
Product Demonstrations & Instructional Videos

Make an educational video series, or create product demonstrations videos with Vanilla Video.

YouTube Pre-Roll & Television Commercials

Reach your audience with a catch, and to-the-point commercial which effectively introduces your brand.

Brand Films
Introduction Videos & Branding Goals

Target customers, talent, partners or special interest audiences with brand-specific goal videos.

Motion Graphics & Animation Explainers

Get your message across with an app / website demo using motion graphics and smooth animations.

Video Production Quick Start for Business

Check out Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Vanilla Video.

Use our Estimate Tool and See Pricing to get a better idea of what you may be getting into. A typical video production will involve at least one videographer, for 3-hours or more. Contact us for some ballpark figures regarding your project, or guidance on how to get started. You can call us at (866) 948-4336 or Send an Email.

We recommend businesses invest in video seriously, and to come prepared to represent their brand with an appropriate budget. The videos we make reflect on customers — as we are limited by time, budget and limitations set by the project. Our project minimum is typically $900, and we are comfortable working up to $50,000 projects. Beyond that, you will need more extensive planning.

It's not necessary, but preliminary scripts help us understand your vision. Scripts should be written in a two-column format, with one column describing the shot choice, and the other column containing dialogue, during that shot. We aren't too strict about scripts; as long as we understand the formatting, we can prepare the scenes / load them into the teleprompter or perform script cleanup, etc.

If you have the budget, our team can assist with the script writing, storyboarding and pre-production. Or we can just film it — mostly up to you. If you have ideas without a script, Contact Us to start.

Yes. We have all that, and a whole lot more — drones, backdrops, green screen, stabilizers, action cameras, car mounts, sliders, sound mixers and more. We have all sorts of handy gear, multiple cameras, multiple videographers, and thousands of projects in experience.

Sure, but we are pretty casual. We are happy to talk by phone, meet in-person, or pitch your team on video and video marketing. We can give you a quote, and if you want to work with us — awesome. Just don't expect a super elaborate proposal, or send us a 20-page RFP.

We can offer limited assistance, at consulting rates, depending on your needs. We are strictly a video production company and avoid offering website, photography, illustration or other creative services within our realm of experise. Vanilla Video is intended to be a video production company; everything else exceeds our scope. If you need guidance getting your video seen, we can help with promotion.

Video Capabilities

Documentary · Cinematography · Video Editing · Color Grading · Sound Mixing · Motion GFX

Video production for nearly every industry, and almost any purpose — Videography for Auto, Beauty, Crowd Funding, Dentists, Education, Enterprise, Entertainment, Fitness, Home Services, Hospitality, Lawyers, Legal Proceedings, Medical, Manufacturing, Nonprofits, Professional Services, Restaurants, Retail, Social Media, Startups, Technology, Television, YouTube and more.

  • Aerials / Drone
  • Brand & Business Films
  • Trade Conferences
  • Crowdfunding Videos
  • Education & Online Courses
  • Event Highlights
  • Explainer Videos
  • Focus Groups & Research
  • Instructional Videos
  • Interviews & Testimonials
  • Nonprofit Videos
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Social Media Content
  • Speaker Presentation
  • TV Commercials
  • Training Videos
  • Tutorials & How-to
  • Web / Landing Videos

Industry Leader

Vanilla Video is the premier video production service in North America. All of our video personnel are in-house employees with an average tenure of 8+ years. We are dedicated to serving customers without freelance videographers — making for a higher quality service.

3,500+ Happy Customers
4,000+ Projects Completed
23,000+ Rendered Videos
365x7 Customer Support

Raw Footage is Included by Default

Vanilla Video literally means raw footage, and our goal is to provide every customer with that raw footage by default. If you want editing, great. But we always deliver the raw. †

Editing Includes Free Revisions

We provide revisions to suit your satisfaction, as long as project scope remains the same. Editors will happily make adjustments, working to perfect your video as you see fit.

† Raw footage will be compressed, and condensed into a single timeline by default, unless requested otherwise. Longer videos may be "chunked" into (approx.) 1-hour long raw footage timelines. Uncompressed raw footage will be a higher bitrate and higher bitrates may be preferred (or required, for some circumstances) by some video editors. We may charge for the delivery of Uncompressed Raw Footage, due to the extreme file sizes and limitations.

Let's get down to business

To defeat the puns — You can bet, before we are through,