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Simple video production for any business in Chicago.

Chicago video production that's easy and awesome.

  • Amazing support.

    We're available 7 days a week.

    Call us anytime 8AM - 11PM or email for a response within just a few hours.

  • Fast. 24-hour turnaround.

    The fastest. Hands down.

    Our extremely fast workflow allows us to deliver most projects within 24-hours, and just a few days for larger projects.

  • Get started at any budget.

    Starting at just $99.

    Our videographers film every day, which allows us to spread overhead costs over more customer orders. That ultimately means significant savings for you.

    Getting started is easy →

  • Produce anything.

    Commonly requested videos:

  •   Explainer Videos
  •   Behind the Scenes
  •   Business Intro / Profile
  •   Conferences
  •   Corporate Events
  •   Event Montage
  •   Focus Groups
  •   Multi-camera Interview
  •   Landing Page Videos
  •   Motion Graphics
  •   Video for Non-profits
  •   Product Demos
  •   Promotional Videos
  •   Real Estate Showcase
  •   Social media videos
  •   Speeches & Presenters
  •   Client Testimonials
  •   Training Videos
  •   Tutorials & How-To
  •   TV Commercials
  •   Web Videos
  • Custom video production

  • Highly trusted videography.

    Thousands of happy customers from Chicago to Milwaukee, and out to Northwest Indiana.

* Telling customer service which examples you like or dislike helps us serve you better.
  • Vanilla Video

    You always get everything we film, as a digital file, available for download via our website about 24-hours after filming.

    What is a Vanilla Video? →

  • Need a quick Clip?

    For events, speeches, presentations, and other event-based videography we can create Clips of particular moments.

  • Multiple Videographers

    We can provide up to 5 videographers if necessary. For planned productions, i.e., non-events, we are able to offer additional cameras run by one videographer.

  • Professional Sound

    We have both wired and wireless lavaliers, handheld microphones, and on-camera microphones for great audio.

    Additionally, we do offer up to 8-channels of audio for live panel discussions, multiple speakers, or other complex productions.

  • Script Writing

    For an additional charge, we are able to help you write a script for your video. We do encourage you to write your own though.

  • Teleprompter

    We have teleprompters for planned video productions. Scripts should be submitted at least 24 hours prior to filming to allow us time to load and format your script.

  • Studio Lighting

    We have multiple studio lighting kits available for planned productions. We're capable of both tungsten and daylight.

  • Super Fast Editing

    We sell video editing in half-day and full-day time blocks. However, we do offer a "Basic Editing" option for simple edits.

  • Straightforward Pricing

    Our prices are amazing, honest, and really easy to understand. We like keeping things simple for our customers.

  • Simplified Billing

    Just one up-front payment by debit or credit card, and you're all set to go. We generally do not accept cash or check.

  • Meetings Optional

    Skipping the meeting is convenient, saves you time, and keeps our costs down. If you would like to meet, contact us to set an appointment.

Getting Started

We've simplified everything. Video production for your organization doesn't have to be complicated, but we do need a few details before we can get started.

  1. What kind of video do you need?

    Flip through some of our samples for ideas, or tell us what your goals are when contacting us.

  2. What's your budget?

    We never artificially inflate a quote — please know that our prices are standardized. By simply providing a budget, we can eliminate guess work, move faster, and optimize your spending to give you the most value for your money.

    We never sacrifice on quality — but spending more time and resources on a video will generally increase the overall value of your production. That's just how it goes.

  3. OK — You have the details, now what?

    Anything that involves editing should be checked by customer service prior to ordering. If you just want us to show up and film a speech, event, or something with minimal editing, then you can easily order online →

Honest Pricing.

Our prices are standardized to allow customers to plan and build their own packages online. We don't do custom quotes, and never artificially raise prices when giving you an estimate.

You can find pricing here — and — check availability here.


See our getting started section for complete information about ordering and everything you need to know about Vanilla Video.

When ready, call or email these details:

  1. What type of video are you looking to create?

  2. When you would like to film? (Date + Time)

  3. How long do you expect filming this to take?

  4. What's the location we are filming at?

Need Assistance?

Just ask us for help. We will be happy to assist you with absolutely any question prior to ordering. We do try our best to make video easy to understand. However, if you would like a deeper explanation, or more details about a particular topic or process, please don't hesitate to ask.

It's easy to order videography for any event online. For planned productions or video editing, you will likely need to speak with customer service before moving forward.

Estimating editing time.

Our video editors and sales team are very knowledgeable and have extensive knowledge over video. We are usually spot-on with estimating editing requirements and delivery times.

Large orders may require hourly or weekly billing instead of project quotes, e.g., animated explainers, extensive motion graphics, independent movies, any project over 50k.

Writing your own script.

Scripts should be written in a two-column format, submitted to us at least 24 hours prior to filming. One column describing the shot choice, while the other column contains the dialogue (if any) to be shown during that shot.

Ask us for a script template. We aren't too strict about scripts; as long as we understand the formatting, we can prepare the scenes / load them into the teleprompter.

Ready to produce video for your local Chicago business?

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