Everyone you care about will be there.

Weddings are the best time to get video of your friends and family.

  • FREE — Raw Footage.

    You always receive everything we film as a Digital Download. A High-Definition copy of all the raw footage is complimentary with every order. Plus — the raw footage is all yours!

  • Clips — Of the Best Moments.

    Let us sift through all the raw footage. Our editors will find the best moments, and turn them into easy to share videos.

  • Professional Sound.

    We record two sources of audio and mix them in editing for best possible sound. We use a wireless lavalier for crisp audio of the vows, and another mic for everything else.

    If your DJ is able, we wirelessly stream their feed to our camera(s) during the reception.

  • Top-rated videographers.

    We come highly recommended by thousands of people across Chicago, Milwaukee, Northwest Indiana; with all cities & suburbs in-between.

    We're friendly. Just ask us!

    Don't hesitate to call or ask questions. If you are feeling shy, read our FAQs and browse our site.

Build your own Package in Seconds  

Just film it. Don't regret it.

We believe every wedding is worth filming, and that's why we offer wedding videography services for as little as $99. It's a simple idea — you choose coverage that works best for you.

Just remember this one thing. The more coverage you order, the more video you will have the next-day. There's no such thing as "too much video" — in fact, some of the best moments are the candid, unplanned moments.

Build a Package Online  

Film as much as possible.

We opt for a specifically-trained Vanilla documentary filming style by default. That means we shy away from artistic shots, and focus on the content. Our primary goal is to give you the best, most complete, and most accurate coverage of the day as it truly happened. Vanilla is true to heart — and real.

  • Stylistically: Less is More — You can't fix poorly shot video. Vanilla Video™ footage is perfect for couples on a budget. We ensure our raw footage shots are clean, well-composed and readily viewable.

    When you go on to edit your Vanilla Video™ footage, you can be confident it's viewable, usable in editing and cleanly shot by our team of professional videographers.

  • Raw Footage: More is More — With modern digital files, it’s easy to jump to just the moments you care about. All the extra footage is great for editing down the road. Trust us when we say, you’ll be happy to have all that additional Vanilla Video ™ shot raw footage later in life.

    For most weddings, we typically gather about 33-50% of the Coverage Time as raw footage. I.e., ordering six hours of coverage will likely result in 2-3 hours of raw footage.

Get Started. Let's film it.

Getting video for your wedding doesn't have to be a big deal or complicated. We highly recommend getting at least some coverage for your spouse, loved ones, and children.

Perhaps more importantly, let's film it for your own personal growth and reflection in life. Choosing not to film is a bride's number one biggest wedding regret.

Try Our Video Package Builder: It's Simple. Fun. Instant. Great for Planning.

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