Senior Video Editor

A mid-level position in video production, starting at $25.00 per hour with full benefits. Traditionally this position requires 2-5+ years of freelance or equivalent experience, but does not require a college degree. Full-time available.

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Job Summary

Vanilla Video is a video production company like none other. Our video professionals have served thousands of customers throughout the world, and our team continues to grow at an impressive rate. When you join our team as a Senior Video Editor, you are running with the best of the best in video production; a group that will push your capabilities as an editor, and skills in working with customers and running a dynamic business.

In working with our Creative Directors and talented videographers, you will discover Vanilla Video’s unique approach to post production. As a Senior Video Editor, your job is not only to coordinate with your co-workers and bring client-projects to completion, but also to train Junior Video Editors. As a Senior Video Editor, you may be responsible for directly training between 1-3 junior team members every year. Your junior co-workers will look to you for guidance and learning. You, as a Senior Video Editor, will be responsible for their improvement, video editing capabilities, and continued growth and learning within the company. In otherwords, you will be a mid-level supervisor within Vanilla Video.

As a Senior Video Editor you will continue to work in Vanilla Video’s fast-paced video production environment, touching dozens or more projects per week. As a senior team member, you will delegate lighter editing projects to junior editors, and take on complex projects yourself with the aid of your Creative Directors and Senior Videographers.

Key Qualifications

  • All prior qualifications, requirements and duties expected of a Junior Video Editor.
  • At least 12-24 months of Junior Video Editor experience working at Vanilla Video.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in video production, particularly Vanilla Video services.
  • Advanced knowledge of Adobe Products, e.g., Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects.
  • Capable of handling multiple, multi-week long video editing projects simultaneously.
  • An extreme attention to detail — including end-client branding requirements and goals.
  • The ability to work in both Windows and Apple environments, as required per the project.

Position Description

As a Senior Video Editor you will spend most of your time in office. However, as a trusted member of our team you will be allowed more freedom to work remotely from home, while maintaining at least 3 days presence in-office. You will have access to powerful editing workstations, equipped with dual-screens and the latest suites of software. If you choose to work offsite, Vanilla Video may provide a company issued notebook for work purposes.

You will continue to have flexible hours, and the ability to schedule your own hours so long as you remain in contact with co-workers and meet customer deadlines. As a Senior Video Editor, a Creative Director and the Branch Operations Manager will continue to provide training and guidance for you. After at least 12 months as a Senior Video Editor, you will be eligible to become a Senior Videographer or Creative Director. During your transition from Senior Video Editor to a higher role, you will like shadow Creative Directors in the field and meet directly with clients to enhance your customer service skills and other talents.

Vanilla Video prefers internal recruiting. As a Senior Video Editor, you will be encouraged to learn and expand beyond your duties as a video editor. Career advancement from a Senior Video Editor at Vanilla Video includes Senior Videographer, Motion Graphics Artist, Assistant Branch Operations Manager, and Creative Director.

Additional Requirements

  • Passionate about Vanilla Video's vision
  • An ability to motivate and lead co-workers
  • A strong understanding of post production
  • Possitive attitude, contributing to culture
  • High coordination with other team members
  • Continued learning; an inclination to learn
  • Recognizes team accomplishments / goals
  • Capable of training junior team members
  • Ability to execute on long-term goals
  • Able to work with your Creative Director
  • An overall positive attitude & demeanor
  • Overseen editing on 500+ projects
  • Demonstrated proficiency in video editing

Responsibilities & Duties

You are responsible for training the next generation of editors at Vanilla Video. You will train your junior team members to be as capable and competent as you are, if not more so. As a Senior Video Editor you are also responsible for editing the same variety of projects as you were during your Junior Video Editor tenure. However, you will now delegate lesser editing work to your junior co-workers and focus your efforts on more complex editing projects and strategic business goals.

You will still be at the direction of a Creative Director on high-end video projects. You will also continue working directly with customers and other videographers on staff. You may touch up to hundreds of projects per year, dozens of which will be complex and require multi-week editing. As you continue to hone your skills and gain experience, your time will shift towards more business-oriented goals; which may include a variety of non-video tasks and more managerial responsibilities.


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