Event Live Streaming Production Technician

An entry-level position in video production, starting at $20.00 per hour with full benefits. Traditionally this position requires 2+ years of freelance or equivalent experience, but does not require a college degree. Full-time available.

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Job Summary

The Event / Live Streaming Production Technician is the go-to person on-site for all events and live stream videos. This role involves ensuring everything is ready to go prior to shooting. They assist with sound and lighting, and make sure all the cords are in the right place and out of the way.

Highly experienced in videography and well-versed in social media, this role is responsible for growing our capacities in filming Events and conducting Live Streams. These productions involve more than just hitting play and walking away. The Event / Live Stream Tech ensures everything is ready to go prior to filming and stays on-site throughout the shoot to make sure everything stays in position and step in when needed.

The ELS Tech combines expertise with a keen eye for details to make every Event or Live Streaming Production a success. Social media increases the demand for these products today, with help from the ELS Tech Vanilla Video stays ahead of the competition.

Key Qualifications

  • Previous experience as a Vanilla Video videographer
  • Expertise in setting up sound and lighting for video purposes
  • Extremely familiar with Vanilla Video equipment and systems
  • Up-to-date on trends in video technology as well as social media and web marketing
  • Interpersonal skills necessary for successful communication with customers and team members
  • Team oriented, works with others to get the job done without being interested in the spotlight
  • Willing to establish Vanilla Video’s offerings in Event and Live Streaming Productions
  • Understanding of broadcasting, video encoding equipment, video codecs, and live video delivery systems
  • Enthusiastic for continuing to build knowledge within Vanilla Video regarding live streaming and broadcasting
  • Creative and outgoing, enjoys bringing new ideas to the table during brain storming sessions
  • Customer service skills – able to look at an order to determine what customers want/need

Position Description

The ELS Tech is an on-site role involving all equipment set up for a successful Event or Live Stream Production. In addition to ensuring the video stream will be consistent throughout the shoot, the ELS Tech assists in setting up sound and light for a high- quality video stream. The ELS Tech remains on-site throughout the duration of the shoot, monitoring and ensuring there are no breaks in streaming and stepping in to adjust equipment as necessary.

The ELS Tech typically works alongside a Senior Videographer at an Event or Live Stream Production. Together you build a perfect picture for any Event or Live Stream Production. Both the ELS Tech and Senior Videographer work together to set up and test all elements of a successful shoot, including video equipment, sound, and light. Always keeping the customer’s needs in mind, the two of you use your prior experience, creativity, as well as knowledge of social media and web marketing to execute a Live Stream Production that suits customer needs.

Prior to any Event or Live Stream Production, the ELS Tech participates in brainstorms and planning meetings with the Operations Manager, Creative Director, and Senior Videographer assigned to the project. During these meetings, the ELS Tech is present to provide feedback on various ideas – typically to confirm an idea is doable or not. They bring in their expertise to offer creative takes on the customer’s needs for the production. Always willing to try something new and tinker until the set-up is just right, the ELS Tech’s input during planning and setup is vital to a successful Event or Live Stream Production.

A successful ELS Tech has prior experience working at Vanilla Video, typically as a Senior Videographer. A recent product offering at Vanilla Video, Event and Live Streaming Productions are very involved and require careful planning as well as expertise in video operation and streaming equipment/programming. The ELS Tech is not only gear oriented but understands all the components perfectly. Prior experience at Vanilla Video allows for growth within the team, as well as a guarantee that projects will be executed via Vanilla Video’s carefully planned procedures and systems.

Additional Requirements

  • Technical expertise in videography and live broadcasting
  • Enthusiasm about growing Vanilla Video and upholding culture and industry knowledge
  • Empathetic towards customers, keeps their needs and vision in mind when staging ELS setups
  • Social media and web marketing savvy – on top of trends and constantly up to date, able to instruct team and customers on best practices
  • Quick problem solving skills, able to stay calm in a fast-paced environment
  • Able to make an effective plan and delegate tasks to multiple people to get something done on time
  • Punctual and detail oriented, does everything possible to ensure success on and off shoot
  • Passion for Event and Live Stream Productions and growing capabilities of this product offering at Vanilla Video
  • Knowledge and expertise in the latest gear, programs, equipment, and best practices in Event and Live Stream Productions
  • Outgoing nature to work with a variety of people, not afraid to share ideas or politely disagree and advise alternatives when necessary
  • Creative and thought provoking, interested in teaching the team what they know and increasing industry knowledge
  • Self-motivated to learn as much as possible and continue to grow within Vanilla Video

Responsibilities & Duties

The ELS Tech is responsible for making every Event and Live Stream Production a success at Vanilla Video. They bring their knowledge and expertise in videography, broadcasting, equipment, and programming to every shoot. Keeping the customer needs in mind the ELS Tech uses information gathered during planning meetings to ensure a flawless execution of live streaming services.

Typically working alongside a single Senior Videographer, the ELS Tech is a motivated team player. Open to working with a variety of people, the ELS Tech helps get the job done and ensures learning along the way. Cooperating with all Senior Videographers at Vanilla Video ensures every live stream shoot goes as planned. Creativity is important in this role as well. Imaginative solutions combined with expertise in videography and broadcasting technology ensure all Event and Live Stream Productions are executed flawlessly, with a touch that delights and inspires customer audiences.

Though you will primarily be working with Senior Videographers and branch management staff, higher-level productions will involve a larger crew to set up for an Event or Live Stream Production. This means working with Production Assistants and Second Shooters under the direction of the Senior Videographer. Everyone on the team at Vanilla Video is cooperative and understands their role in bringing a concept to reality successfully. The ELS Tech advises the Senior Videographer during set up for ELS Productions and the two work together to ensure everything goes well throughout the course of the shoot.

Off-shoot this role involves attending various meetings to plan Event and Live Stream Productions. You will be responsible for advising the Operations Manager regarding who should be assigned to a shoot, and the Creative Director for ensuring the client’s needs and vision are fulfilled. Your advice will help branch management staff make crucial decisions regarding one of the most innovative products offered by Vanilla Video. You should be enthusiastic about growing the possibilities of this offering, and do the research necessary to make it more successful. Your knowledge of social media and web marketing will help provide a basis for decisions made by the Creative Director for ELS Productions.

It is important for the ELS Tech to bring a high-level understanding of systems, programs, and operations to this position. On-site set-up is a fast-paced activity with very minimal room for error. Most shoots at Vanilla Video only offer one chance to get a shot, however this is extremely true in Event and Live Stream Productions. Meticulousness and extreme attention to detail are imperative to the success of every ELS Production. Your ability to stay calm under pressure and diligence in planning and trouble-shooting make the job easier for everyone involved.


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