Senior Videographer

A mid-level position in video production, starting at $25.00 per hour with full benefits. Traditionally this position requires 2-5+ years of freelance or equivalent experience, but does not require a college degree. Full-time available.

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Job Summary

Vanilla Video locations are comprised of Junior and Senior Videographers under the direction of one or more Creative Directors and Branch Operation Managers. At the core of every production we’re a part of, or family event we film, is a videographer.

Senior Videographers set the tone for more junior team members. Leading by example, offering guidance and instruction, and mentoring Junior Videographers are fundamental components of this position. Your attitude, shooting style, and techniques will have a major influence on new videographers joining our team. At Vanilla Video, we consider Senior Videographers to be a supervisory role. You may have several team members whom you are directly responsible for mentoring and training.

As a Senior Videographer, you will continue honing your craft in filmmaking and refine your storytelling abilities. You also have a strong affinity with the Vanilla Video brand and company culture, and believe in Vanilla Video's goals and future growth. It is your responsibility to cultivate that enthusiasm in newer team members while working towards becoming a Creative Director or Operations Manager.

Key Qualifications

  • All prior qualifications, requirements and duties expected of a Junior Videographer.
  • At least 12-24 months of Junior Videographer experience with our company.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in video production, particularly Vanilla Video services.
  • Strong leadership abilities, with a passionate attitude towards promoting company culture.
  • Contributes new ideas, techniques and feedback to Creative Directors
  • 98%+ Positive feedback from customer projects you've worked as a Junior Videographer.
  • You are looking to become a Creative Director or Branch Operations Manager in the future.

Position Description

As a Senior Videographer you will spend more time in the field working on advanced video productions -- videos that typically involve pre-production of some kind. While working on these more complex video productions, you will work under a Creative Director’s command to shoot and deliver the final result. Not only will you gain experience working in a mid-level production environment with a Creative Director, lights, cranes, sliders, dollies, and other higher-end equipment, but you will also work in a more creative capacity.

As a Senior Videographer you have shown full competency in the Vanilla Video shooting style at family, sporting, music, and corporate events. It is now your responsibility to help train the next generation of Junior Videographers, and pass your techniques and acquired knowledge on to incoming team members. Senior Videographers are generally responsible for training between 1-3 team members per year. As you move into higher-end productions, you will continue mastering the basics of video production by teaching others. Once you’ve successfully trained at least 2 Junior Videographers, and worked under a Creative Director for at least 12 months, you will are eligible to become a Creative Director.

Vanilla Video prefers to internal recruiting and normally does not directly hire Senior Videographers. Because Vanilla Video is a non-traditional video production firm, we first recruit from our Junior Videographers. Senior Videographers at Vanilla Video are in a supervisory position, and are responsible for training and guidance of our Junior Videographers. Career advancement from this position includes Assistant Operations Manager and Creative Director positions.

Additional Requirements

  • Passionate about Vanilla Video
  • Ability to motivate and lead others
  • Solid understanding of video production
  • Contributes to team culture
  • Filmed 250+ Events / Productions
  • Encourages a learning environment
  • Recognizes team accomplishments
  • Strong knowledge of lighting
  • Consistently amazing cinematography
  • Works well with Creative Directors

Responsibilities & Duties

You are responsible for filming a variety of events and productions, but have now moved into a more creative and managerial capacity. You will still be assigned basic, single-camera productions, however you will also work with Creative Directors on approximately 20-50 projects per year to deliver higher-end video products and services to more video-savvy clients. Additionally, you will be directly responsible for training and managing between 1-3 Junior Videographers per year. It is your duty to monitor their individual progress, shooting techniques, and quality of product.

Your success in this role is determined by the successful upbringing of other junior team members, and the application of your skills on higher-end videos. Your goal is to learn to think like a Creative Director, and push yourself to become a more creative video professional.


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  • How will you contribute value to our team?

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