A mid-level position in video production, starting at $30.00 per hour with full benefits. Traditionally this position requires 5+ years of freelance or equivalent experience, but does not require a college degree. Full-time available.

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Job Summary

At Vanilla Video, we film anything – even the fancy stuff. That’s why we have an experienced Cinematographer at every location. From a Junior Videographer learning the ropes, to a Senior Videographer mentoring the newbies, the Cinematographer is the highest-level videography position at Vanilla Video. Reserved for the experts in filming fundamentals, editing techniques, and best practices in videography, creativity, and web marketing – the Cinematographer has grown up with Vanilla Video and is here to stay.

Cinematic shoots are growing increasingly popular among Vanilla Video’s customers – from weddings to business, even to aspiring actors and directors. The Cinematographer at Vanilla Video brings dreams to life with their expertise and imagination. Experts on-set and in the editing room, the Cinematographer truly grasps what it takes to create a production from start to finish. Lending their creative mind and expertise in videography, the Cinematographer helps Branch Management staff to plan and package a Cinematic Product for any customer.

Our Cinematographers are highly skilled in their craft, yet constantly experimenting and looking to improve their work. They love making videos, large and small. They have the patience to work on a project until it is truly finished. While videography is their focus, they understand all the elements necessary to make a movie – from talent, to music, to on-set assistants. Cinematographers at Vanilla Video are truly movie fanatics that enjoy every aspect of their job.

Key Qualifications

  • 3-5 years’ experience as a Senior Videographer at Vanilla Video
  • Expert understanding of using cinematic cameras, including: C100, C200, C300, and Canon5DMark3
  • High-level command of light and sound setups for video production, editing and sound mastering in post
  • Developed skills in 2D, 3D, stop motion, animation, and motion graphics editing
  • Creative story boarding, script writing, and character development skills
  • Understanding musical themes, effects, ability to work with musicians who compose musical scores
  • Undying passion for creating film and video work for Vanilla Video
  • Demonstrated leadership skills among videographers and branch management staff
  • Passionate member of the team, providing mentorship and growing both individually and within the company
  • Experience working on films for fun, winning awards or contests a plus
  • Interpersonal skills allowing you to direct staff, clients, and talent while on-set
  • Knowledgeable in current trends in cinematography, consulting clients in pre-purchase / planning process
  • Serve on brainstorming and planning committees in pre-production process; working with Creative Directors
  • Understanding of teammates and available resources - ability to delegate tasks in post-production to videographers, while working with Post Production Supervisor
  • Highly capable of working on multiple projects at once, organized and diligent in managing shifting priorities and meeting deadlines
  • Mentor-like leadership skills, takes an educational approach to working with others, especially videographers, production assistants, and second shooters
  • Thrives in collaborative environments, open to working ideas while supplying knowledge-backed input
  • Typically works in a team setting, but able to work independently with little or no supervision, especially in post
  • Passionate about the success of Vanilla Video; a commitment to upholding culture, procedures, and strategy
  • Self-motivated to learn new technology, software, equipment, techniques to stay current with the market/ahead of competition
  • Quick-thinking, flexible, adaptable problem solving skills, aware of surroundings and takes advantage of creative opportunities whenever possible
  • Expert knowledge of gear and equipment, always researching and willing to test out new products while providing advice in procurement decisions
  • Demonstrated knowledge in trends in web marketing and social media marketing, ability to stay up to date in knowledge and these trends to better serve clients

Position Description

From start to finish, the Cinematographer works on every aspect of Cinematic Shoots. Prior to a customer’s purchase, the Cinematographer guides an Account Executive through the sale. Providing insight and assistance to the customer not only builds trust, but shows the customer that we truly have the best working on our team.

Once a sale is made, the Cinematographer gets to work with the Creative Director, Script Writer, Story Boarder, and Talent Procurement to get all the pieces of the project together. The cinematographer chimes in with insights and expertise, inspiring everyone to bring their best work forward. Together, the team designs a project that serves customer needs.

On-set, the Cinematographer is not only responsible for manning the camera(s), but leading the team throughout the shoot. Cinematic productions tend to involve a large staff and the Cinematographer offers the most input and direction to ensure the shots are captured accordingly. Assisted by several team members including Junior and Senior Videographers, Production Assistants, and Second Shooters – the Cinematographer keeps everyone motivated even while under pressure. They understand their resources and constraints, while applying creativity to solve any hiccups that may occur. Whenever necessary, they check and double check, and grab multiple takes.

In post-production, the cinematographer works with the Post Production Supervisor and team of videographers to make necessary edits to lighting and sound. Here, the Cinematographer may even work with a composer or musicians to build a soundtrack or create sound effects. The Post Production process also involves a larger team of people. Following the vision of the Creative Director, the Cinematographer and Post Production Supervisor delegate tasks to appropriately complete necessary edits. The team at Vanilla Video turns raw footage into a cinematic experience for anyone who watches the project upon delivery.

Additional Requirements

  • Excited about growing professionally, as well as expanding Vanilla Video
  • Passionate about the mission of Vanilla Video to make videography accessible to everyone
  • Creative talents in videography, video editing, directing, script writing, story boarding, storytelling, etc.
  • Team player that works for the greater good, rather than personal achievement
  • Open to experimenting artistically and taking calculated risks to please customers
  • Enjoys working with others, especially mentoring videographers / video staff or other personnel
  • Customer oriented, puts the needs of the customers first when working on a production

Responsibilities & Duties

The responsibilities of the Cinematographer at Vanilla Video lie beyond being able to successfully operate a cinematic camera. These are truly movie makers and film fanatics. You understand all the magical elements of movie productions, and are excited to get to work whenever a quote for a Cinematic Project comes in.

While not all projects requesting cinematic cameras require full production level treatment, however the Cinematographer adds as much to the process as possible. Working with customers in the planning process involves bringing expertise in film making as well as current trends in social media and web marketing. As the Cinematographer, you work with the Creative Director and upper management staff to ensure Cinematic Projects are completed within budget.

On-set, you work with a variety of people to ensure all shots and footage are captured flawlessly. Though requiring an involved team, you know how to direct everyone into place and set up the camera, light, and sound to film the scenes. You know how to work with people’s strengths to bring a team together. While staying calm during high-stress situations, you motivate everyone to continue doing their best work and keep the final product in mind.

Goal-oriented and high-achieving, you never settle for less. Going above and beyond is in your nature, especially when it comes to using your creativity to make a customer happy. Bringing a vision to life with film is the best part of your job, and something you look forward to doing every single day.

During the post production process, you guide and delegate tasks to all the hands you can get. Under close watch of the Creative Director and Post Production Supervisor, you work with Junior and Senior Videographers to string together all the raw footage, sound clips, and several takes to celebrate imagination on-screen.

Typically managing various projects simultaneously, the Cinematographer must be highly organized and diligent. Their efforts in maintaining project status and communicating with branch management ensure they manage customer expectations. Ultimately the goal is bringing the customer’s vision to life, while delivering projects within budget and on time.


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