Studio Manager

An entry-level position in video production, starting at $20.00 per hour with full benefits. Traditionally this position requires 2+ years of freelance or equivalent experience, but does not require a college degree. Full-time available.

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Job Summary

An expert master of madness, the studio manager keeps the studio ready for shoots at all times. Our studio space is where the magic happens, sometimes for multiple clients at once. The studio manager must be aware of when and how the studio is being used and be able to help the Account Executives schedule time for clients to use the studio. On top of being organized, the studio manger needs to have expert understanding of video production, lighting, and set design. A commanding people-person, the studio manager ensures everybody is prepared for their jobs in the studio. They answer last minute questions and help keep everything running smoothly.

Shoots are the busiest time for the studio manager. Before the shoot even lands on the schedule, they collaborate with pre-production and production staff about what will be needed for the day of the shoot. The studio manager plans any logistics such as receiving set design pieces and working with the location scout to help design the space for a customer video. On the day of the shoot, the studio manager oversees all the prep and makes sure everything is ready to go before the customer arrives and the camera begins rolling. This typically involves working in a large team including a Senior Videographer, Cinematographer, Photographer, Production Assistant, Location Scout, and Lighting Technician. Of course, the Creative Director on the project is the main overseer, with the Studio Manager at their right hand before and during the shoot.

Key Qualifications

  • Excellent customer service and leadership skills displayed during tenure as a Junior Videographer at Vanilla Video for 2-3 years
  • Highly developed project management and organizational skills, always prepared and knowledgeable of what’s coming up next and ready to go for last minute orders
  • Inventiveness, able to make multiple uses out of the same thing and helps inspire compromise among team members and customers
  • Resourcefulness, save and reuse as much as possible especially when it comes to props and set design elements
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills that inspire an atmosphere of cooperation
  • Creative approach to using a studio space, inspired to think of new ways to use the space in a variety of ways. Able to turn three walls into just about any setting
  • Decisive, able to set up the studio for a shoot with little to no direct instruction from Creative Director, able to read and analyze a storyboard in order to set up studio space
  • Quick thinking ability to change direction quickly, does not take criticism personally and instead makes necessary changes
  • Interior design savvy, understands what makes a space look appealing to viewers and visitors and applies this in setting up studio space
  • Highly developed understanding in studio lighting techniques, able to work alongside the light technician to set up space
  • Managerial skills necessary to direct a variety of people inside of the studio, encourage the team to keep things tidy, organized, and in their respective places
  • Ability to create and adhere to studio management policies
  • Knowledge and adherence to OSHA safety standards

Position Description

The Studio Manager at Vanilla Video is constantly working with others in order to ensure a studio shoot goes smoothly. Highly organized and independent, the Studio Manager pays close attention to the status of multiple projects and is constantly thinking ahead in order to ensure every shoot is a success. With a commanding spirit, the Studio Manager leads both internal employees as well as external vendors and customers, including any talent that arrives to work in-house.

A prior member of the Vanilla Video videography staff, the Studio Manager fully understands the ins and outs of video production, especially occurring within a studio. They know exactly what needs to be in place in order to set up a studio and how to tear everything down for a fresh start the next day. For multi-day shoots the studio manager makes the best use of space should we need to use the space for multiple clients simultaneously. Tasked with meticulous planning and organizational skills, the studio manager delegates work and ensures it gets done properly. With direction from the Creative Director, the Studio Manager works closely with just about every member of Vanilla Video staff.

Passion for interior design and set design is a plus, the Studio Manager understands how a setting affects the mood of the entire video. While not always present for collaborative session, the Studio Manager provides valuable input used by the pre-production staff in creating settings for the video. Creative and inventive, the studio manager always has something up their sleeve to enhance the studio space.

Additional Requirements

  • Diligence, ability to keep track of project status throughout various stages of a production set up
  • Commandeering yet amicable with fellow employees, outside vendors, and any customer personnel
  • Comfortable working in a largely customer facing position
  • Takes initiative to make something right, quick thinking, creative and resourceful
  • Enjoys organizing and designing an interior space
  • Passionate about growing Vanilla Video as a business and maintaining company culture
  • Up to date on the latest in the technical aspect of studio set design
  • Interest and curiosity in trends in video production, marketing, videography, and cinematography
  • Works carefully and meticulously, takes pride in a job well done
  • While largely independent, never afraid to ask for help especially when it is critical to making something happen for a customer

Responsibilities & Duties

The studio manager maintains order inside of the studio at all times, ensuring every studio shoot runs smoothly and successfully. Everything inside of the studio remains organized, and the studio manager is constantly thinking weeks and months ahead of schedule in order to be prepared for just about anything. The studio manager writes, updates, and maintains Vanilla Video studio policies and ensures that employees, talent, vendors, and customers follow the necessary procedures at all times.

Primarily responsible for overseeing studio set-up prior to a shoot, the studio manager coordinates with a variety of Vanilla Video personnel including the Lighting Technician, Location Scout, and Talent Scout. Master organizational and communication skills ensure the Studio Manager keeps everyone on track and on the same page to set up the studio. The studio manager works alongside everyone in the studio to lend a helping hand should they need help and is also willing to run any errands for necessary supplies. While taking direction from the Creative Director, Senior Videographer, Cinematographer, and other members of pre-production staff the studio manager knows when to use their best discretion to prevent bringing project set-up to a halt. Though shoots can be hectic and stressful, the studio manager remains calm at all times and inspires the entire room to work as a well-oiled machine by keeping everything organized and on track.


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