Post Production Supervisor

A mid-level position in video production, starting at $25.00 per hour with full benefits. Traditionally this position requires 2-5+ years of freelance or equivalent experience, but does not require a college degree. Full-time available.

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Job Summary

What makes Vanilla Video different? The “vanilla” part! We deliver video to just about anyone and everyone, and this is possible because we do things the vanilla way. Rather than filming for a specific shot or two, we train our videographers to film as much high-quality footage as possible – delivering every moment to customers available to watch.

While we do our best to minimize editing, every project requires some editing to make the video easy to watch. This involves combining multi-camera footage into one clear shot, adding transitions, as well as matching up sound clips. Other projects require more involved edits, such as motion graphics, montage effects, animation, and more.

The editing room teems with activity, creativity, and collaboration. The Post Production Supervisor oversees all activities that take place after filming. Working with the Branch Manager, Creative Director(s), and Videographers – the Post Production Supervisor ensures edits are done well, and projects are delivered on time. They provide guidance, direction, and correction when necessary. When there’s a lot of work to do, the Post Production Supervisor jumps in and begins to help delivering projects as well.

A highly collaborative and team oriented environment, Vanilla Video requires thoughtful leadership to churn out projects in an engine-like fashion. As a leader of a Vanilla Video location, the Post Production Supervisor upholds standards in editing, as well as in providing excellence in customer service and satisfaction. This leader maintains company culture and procedure, while cultivating an environment for videographers to continue learning and growing.

Key Qualifications

  • Expert understanding of Adobe Software including After Effects, Premier Pro, Photoshop, & Illustrator
  • Proficiency in 2D, 3D, stop motion, animation, and motion graphics a huge plus
  • Team-oriented leader that maintains Vanilla Video’s culture, procedures, and values
  • Prior experience as a Vanilla Video videographer a must
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at once in a fast-paced environment with shifting priorities and deadlines
  • Excellent management skills – ability to shuffle tasks, projects, and resources while keeping everyone in the loop
  • Enthusiastic about providing high quality service to customers, build and maintain relationships with customers
  • Eager to provide creative direction as well as evoke artistic/unconventional thinking in team members
  • Proactive approach to problem solving, ability to fix issues quickly while maintaining professionalism
  • Comprehensive understanding of post-production process at Vanilla Video, including file formats, procedure, and delivery
  • Inspires excellence in others by operating as an example – constantly striving for better, more, faster
  • Goal oriented individual that understands what steps must be taken to reach achievement of a set of tasks
  • Willingness to take direction from upper management, regional management, as well as on-location operations manager and creative director(s) – fervently demonstrate teamwork
  • Highly organized – constantly checking-in and understanding status of all projects, redirecting resources as necessary

Position Description

The Post Production Supervisor at Vanilla Video serves as the editing project manager. Constantly monitoring projects in the tracker, they make sure that everything is moving smoothly and on-track for timely delivery to customers. Highly organized and detail oriented, The Post Production Supervisor keeps everyone motivated and working hard to deliver projects to customers on time.

Alongside the Operations Manager, the Post Production Supervisor maintains order in the editing room. Typically taking direction from the Operations Manager regarding customers’ needs and expectations, the Post Production Supervisor communicates directives to editors. This role requires high-level leadership and management skills, especially in getting to know each individual editors’ strengths and weaknesses. This understanding allows the Post Production Supervisor to put the right people on the job, and help cultivate skills to build a team that can handle anything a customer needs.

Post Production Supervisors at Vanilla Video start off as videographers, eventually growing into Senior Videographers before being promoted to a higher position. Without the in-field experience filming and editing, an outsider really cannot understand the intimacy of how Vanilla Video works. Command of Vanilla Video’s process, culture, and values enforces the unique structure of the growing startup. Promoting from within allows Vanilla Video to reinforce the vision while continuing to grow.

Additional Requirements

  • High-level understanding of the importance of video marketing
  • Creative approach to editing, leadership, and business
  • Keen understanding of management skills and business operations
  • Customer oriented – willing to do what it takes to ensure a customer receives their project
  • Friendly and outgoing – not afraid to get to know everyone on the team, verify everyone is working together well, and step in when necessary to solve problems
  • Prior experience in product/project management as well as digital/media asset management systems
  • Keeping up with trends in video production, marketing, etc.
  • Excited to grow a cutting-edge startup in the video production industry
  • Enthusiastic about strengthening an existing team of videographers in teamwork, cooperation, as well as editing skills

Responsibilities & Duties

The Post Production Supervisor is charged with overseeing all activities in the editing room. The moment a video enters the system, the Post Production Supervisor is aware of its status and due date. Working with the editing staff as well as taking direction from the Operations Manager and Creative Director(s) on location – the Post Production Supervisor is responsible for ensuring the finished product reaches the customer on time.

Though much of the role regards working with others, the Post Production Supervisor needs to be able to diagnose any issues with systems and equipment at Vanilla Video. Though not expected to be able to rebuild a computer or design a program, the Post Production Supervisor should know who to call should something go awry. Above all, the Post Production Supervisor provides all videographers edit their projects and deliver them on time.

A can-do attitude as well as organizational skills lead to the success of any Post Production Supervisor at Vanilla Video. Frequently required to step in to offer guidance, mentorship, and creative direction – the Post Production Supervisor should be skilled in all aspects of video editing, especially software and high-level effects such as animation and motion graphics. These skills set the Post Production Supervisor apart from other videographers. Therefore, we expect a Post Production Supervisor to have previously been a Senior Videographer. Skills in the editing room are imperative for this position – this role is commanded by an expert editor with high-level interpersonal skills.

Teamwork, dedication, and leadership are all key elements in a flourishing Post Production Supervisor. While directing a constantly growing to-do list, the Post Production Supervisor keeps their cool and maintains a low-key, casual atmosphere in the editing room. A level-headed leader with their eye on the prize – meaning Vanilla Video’s ultimate growth, never compromises the atmosphere at Vanilla Video. Ensuring everyone works together and helps each other out whenever possible the Post Production Supervisor is attentive to everyone’s performance on their projects. When they see fit, they assign multiple videographers, or even jump in when necessary. A mentor, not a dictator the Post Production Supervisor cultivates the overall strength of the team rather than inspiring competition and divisiveness. Maintaining the team’s well-oiled operation at their respective Vanilla Video location, the Post Production Supervisor uses all resources necessary to deliver projects on time without injuring morale.

Detail oriented and highly organized, the Post Production Supervisor is an expert on what is happening in the editing room. They identify what stage every project is in and add reinforcement when necessary. Taking a proactive approach to problem solving allows the editing, delivery, and revision process to proceed smoothly and the final product to get in the hands of the customer. A role that involves moments of intense pressure, the Post Production Supervisor must use their expertise, organizational skills, and ability to stay calm to keep everyone working diligently to deliver projects to customers. Shifting priorities are a norm in Vanilla Video’s editing rooms, and though most videographers are used to this fact, the Post Production Supervisor keeps everything running smoothly. They are ultimately there to make the videographers’ lives a little easier – stepping in to help and offer relief whenever possible.

Quality control is a large portion of the Post Production Supervisor’s role as well. While overseeing editing on a variety of projects simultaneously, the supervisor guides editors to make necessary corrections throughout the editing process. Stopping bad habits or improper editing techniques before the project gets to quality control not only allows learning opportunities for the videographer, but also saves time in the delivery stage. When a project gets to the Quality Control Specialist(s) – the video should be as close to final delivery as possible. This means that the Post Production Supervisor already took the time to eliminate any major issues. Of course, minor edits might need to be made after a close review by the Quality Control Specialist. These edits are typically reviewed by the Post Production Specialist before they are carried out by the appropriate videographer.

What makes the Post Production Supervisor successful is their expertise in video production and delivery, as well as their highly developed interpersonal skills. Constantly seeking to improve on an individual level the Post Production Supervisor stays up-to-date on trends in video production, video marketing, and various post production editing skills. Reinforcing the team’s abilities is in their best interest as well – serving as a leader and taking the time to cultivate the team’s skills fortifies the capacity of any size team of videographers at Vanilla Video.


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