Motion Graphics Artist (GFX)

An entry-level position in video production, starting at $25.00 per hour with full benefits. Traditionally this position requires 2+ years of freelance or equivalent experience, but does not require a college degree. Full-time available.

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Job Summary

Motion Graphics can be the flair that adds a professional polish to a finished brand film or can be used to craft a video from the ground up. Although standard Vanilla Video products don’t typically require motion graphics, our mid-tier level video production line Vanilla Pro does. With our vPro level of services, Vanilla Video offers high-end wedding cinematography, high-grade business films and brand film, and higher end music video productions. As we move into more commercial / studio level projects, we seek Motion Graphics Artists to join our growing team here in Chicago and abroad to work on advanced video projects.

Vanilla Video is making a push into more complex and detailed videos, and we need a Motion Graphics Artist to help give us another asset to offer to our customers. As a Motion Graphics Artist, we need you to assist with the production of motion graphics and 3D animation for the various requirements of the company. This includes design, creation of assets, bringing them to life, modelling, animation, outputting and delivering high quality and innovative motion graphic content.

Key Qualifications

  • Strong Adobe After Effects skills, ideally with demonstrable experience in motion graphics
  • Strong Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills
  • Strong creative thinking, exhibiting a range or varied styles and techniques
  • Ability to create high quality content from a loose or constrained brief with short deadlines
  • Good understanding of video and DVD formats, compression techniques and format requirements/constraints
  • Interface design skills preferable
  • Good 3D Studio Max or equivalent 3D package skills, including modelling, texturing and animation
  • Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition
  • An artistic background with extensive portfolio
  • Experience with a variety of 3rd party motion graphic plugins (i.e Trapcode Suite)

Position Description

The Motion Graphics Artist is going to be working almost exclusively on highly complex, highly detailed projects, and will coordinate with several other members of our post-production team to deliver a quality product to our customers. We are counting on you to be talented at your job so that no idea or vision a customer has goes unfulfilled. This job will require you to push your creative talents and develop them, both for your benefit and for ours. While you will work individually on your job, you will have to mesh that with the work of the rest of the post-production team. Since we give our customers our best efforts and work to fill their needs, you will have to be able to take criticism, tweak the work you have done, or start from scratch entirely in order to give the customer what they want.

Additional Requirements

  • Producing motion graphic and 3D content
  • Where applicable, producing motion graphics and 3D content from concept to delivery
  • Communicating with clients, where applicable, regarding the production and delivery of content
  • Working on multiple projects concurrently, balancing time constraints whilst maintaining quality
  • Encoding, converting and editing videos and graphical sequences
  • Producing DVD interfaces from either scratch or following a design
  • Keeping abreast of new technologies and techniques to deliver cutting edge work
  • Understanding brands and producing work of a suitable style

Responsibilities & Duties

The Motion Graphics Artist is responsible for handling the animation needs of Vanilla Video and its customers. You will work with Creative Directors, Video Editors, Animation Artists and on occasion, customers, to bring about the images and designs our customers want and need.

You will be able to work flexible hours, though there will be times where you will have to meet a deadline and lose some of that flexibility. While you will be working on the finer points of your job by yourself, you will have to be in constant contact and collaboration with the Creative Director, Animation Artist, Color Key Artist and Storyboard Artist to help deliver a product that fits the design and vision of the customer.


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To be considered, please create a video of yourself under 120 seconds and make it available online for our team to review. Once you're ready, submit the link to us using this application. Your video should be made specifically for Vanilla Video. Avoid using text or graphics, but ensure you provide contact information (e.g., name, email and phone number) in the video — again, without text or graphics.

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