Junior Video Editor

An entry-level position in video production, starting at $15.00 per hour with full benefits. Traditionally this position requires 1+ years of freelance or equivalent experience, but does not require a college degree. Full-time available.

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Job Summary

Vanilla Video is unique to the video production industry, and it shows in our approach to video editing. From end-to-end, customer satisfaction comes first. When you join our team as a Junior Video Editor, you are joining a highly rated, experienced group of video professionals that will push your capabilities as an editor. Our talented videographers and Creative Directors always deliver amazing working-material to your team in the editing room. It’s your job as an editor to bring it all together.

Our post-production processes are unlike any digital agency in the world. Behind the scenes at Vanilla Video we are highly automated, and highly motivated to deliver the best end result possible, in the shortest amount of time possible. We place a high value on both speed and professionalism. Revisions are always blazing fast; in some cases overnight, or even same-day for a variety of our high profile clients. In todays fast-moving world of startups and social media, hundreds of companies depend on Vanilla Video to deliver quick results and move through post-production seamlessly.

As a Junior Video Editor at Vanilla Video, this fast-paced environment excites you. Some weeks you may touch as many as a dozen or more projects. Some for a few quick edits, and others on a deeper level at the direction of a Creative Director and other Senior Video Editors. You get great satisfaction in making perfect-cuts, finding a rhythm, and bringing out the best in the subjects we film. Ideally, you have experience working in multi-camera editing environments, or are eager to learn. Additionally, you enjoy working with a wide-variety of projects from week-to-week, and are willing to learn industry trends as they come in and out of style. As a Junior Video Editor, you are expected to meet hard deadlines, make quick revisions, and be able to work directly with clients.

Key Qualifications

  • Strong understanding of Adobe Creative Suite, especially Adobe Premiere and Photoshop.
  • Prior experience working as a freelance video editor, or casual video editing experience.
  • Ideally you have shot personal / home videos, or worked as a freelance videographer.
  • You have experience producing content for YouTube, Vimeo or other online platforms & websites.
  • The ability to handle multiple projects per week, and dozens of projects per month.
  • Take quality notes, document work, and translate client directives into a finalized product.
  • A key understanding of the client revision process — and working through revisions diligently.

Position Description

As a Junior Video Editor you will spend most of your time in office, with a focus in Adobe Premier and Microsoft Office. You will have access to multiple high-powered editing workstations, each with multiple screens in our creative loft office spaces. As a Junior Video Editor, you will have the ability to choose your own working hours as long as deadlines are met and you are not scheduled for a side-by-side edition session with a Creative Director.

As a Junior Video Editor you will be trained by a Senior Video Editor and will generally shadow you as a trainer for a month or two. Upon completion of your post-production training, the Operations Manager of your Vanilla Video branch will slowly begin assigning you editing and processing projects. After at least 12 months as a Junior Video Editor you will be eligible to become a Senior Video Editor. During training, you will likely shadow Senior Videographers in the field to learn a little bit more about production and working with the camera. Similarly, you may from time-to-time shadow Creative Directors.

Vanilla Video prefers internal recruiting. As a Junior Video Editor, you will be encouraged to learn and expand beyond your routine as an editor. Career advancement from a Junior Video Editor includes Junior Videographer, Senior Video Editor, Motion Graphics Artist, Assistant Branch Operations Manager, and Creative Director.

Additional Requirements

  • Experience with Non-linear Editing.
  • Familiar with Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Photoshop & Illustrator skills a plus.
  • Microsoft Office experience a plus.
  • Adobe After Effects experience a plus.
  • Multi-camera editing experience a plus.
  • You are a self-motivated indvidual.
  • Experience working with clients by email.
  • Ability to take notes & listen.
  • Ability to understand client goals & vision.

Responsibilities & Duties

You are responsible to editing a variety of events, scripted video productions, and creative video projects across a dynamic range of event types and industries. As a Junior Video Editor you will be assigned multiple projects every week, with strict deadlines, and expected to self-schedule time in the office to complete projects in a timely manner.

You will be at the direction of Creative Directors on high-end video projects, and work directly with customers or videographers on more casual video projects. You may touch up to 500 projects per year in quick revisions or processing. As you gain experience, your editing time will be shifted towards more in-depth, advanced projects that are more time-intensive and creative.

You and the entire video editing team are responsible for the quick delivery of projects to customers. You will be responsible for timely revisions and communication with clients regarding revisions. Over time, you may be trained or asked to specialize in various forms of post-production, e.g., color correction, graphics, animation, typography.


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