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  Affordable like None Other

We made wedding videography affordable. Vanilla Video™ is the only video production company that offers wedding videography for as little as $99. However, our average single videographer wedding package is under one thousand, with most customers spending between $769 - $1,499.

Please know, that while we do have affordable videography packages, and do cover $99 weddings from time-to-time, certain dates throughout the year are subject to Waitlisting due to heavy-demand. If you're planning a wedding on a budget — understand that Fridays and Saturdays may be subject to waitlisting, or require a minimum order.

We truly do turn away hundreds of weddings per year due to our limited number of videographers. Please plan ahead — we do not offer holds on dates or reservations. We practice first-come, first-serve booking.

  Wedding Ceremony Video Coverage

We recommend an extra 30 - 60 minutes. If your ceremony is only half an hour, we still recommend getting a full hour of coverage. Likewise for hour-long ceremonies, we recommend 90 minutes. Yes — we want you to get more coverage. Here's why, and what you'll miss:

  • Establishing Shots of the Venue. When we arrive, we like to gather b-roll shots of the atmosphere, building, who's there, and any additional footage you may want for memory or editing later on.

  • Candids of Guests. Prior to the start of the wedding, we film guests naturally interacting with each other. If you want to remember who was there, this helps.

  • Photo Sessions Afterwards. Some of the best and funniest moments are in-between all the major events. Because we film candidly, we try to capture unexpected moments during the photo sessions.

  Wedding Cocktail Hour Coverage

Yes. Get cocktail hour video coverage. This is perhaps the best time to get candid video of guests. Your friends & family are at their peak during the cocktail hour. Guests look good, they're mingling with one another, smiling and having fun, and excited to see the night unfold.

Capturing candid video of guests prior to reception and enjoying dinner allows us more opportunity to gather B-roll footage for editing and memory later on. More video coverage is generally always better.

  Wedding Reception Video Coverage

Cover the main events, plus an hour of dancing. We recommend full-coverage of the wedding reception from start to finish, especially if you are having a fancy exit. If on a budget, we recommend covering all the main events of the wedding reception, with an hour of dancing footage.

  • Establishing Shots & Details. Having us arrive early to the wedding reception allows us to get establishing shots of the venue, and capture details / decorations.

  • Capturing the Speeches. By far the most important aspect of wedding reception coverage is getting the speeches. Enough said.

  • All the Main Events. Beyond the speeches and toasts, capturing any quirky events is always a good thing to have on video. The obvious things like the Bride & Groom dance, parent dances, cake cutting, and bouqet / garter toss should be covered too.

  • An Hour of Dancing. Once the night is in full party-mode, and there's nothing left but to dance the night away, you will still want to capture about an hour or two of the general dancing and partying.

  What do most brides choose?

Most brides choose 6 or more hours of coverage. A common combo is 90 minutes for the ceremony and 6 hours for the reception. Our 10 hour package is great if you are looking to capture some of the bride / groom getting ready. But there's no right or wrong way — so please feel free to choose what works best for you and your budget. Just get it on video!

With Vanilla Video™ you can customize the perfect coverage for your situation and budget. Our Video Package Builder puts you in control.

  • Photos are fake.

    Same smile. Same pose. Different background. Photos aren't enough.

    Video is the Truth. It's real.

    See your wedding day as it happened with our candid videography style.

    Hear the full story.

    Listen to the vows, the speeches, and all the emotions throughout the day.

    Editing is entirely optional.

    Our in-camera editing standard makes the raw footage readily watchable.

    Customize your coverage.

    We put you in control over coverage. We want you to receive the best value.

    Downloadable days after.

    Within about a week you will be able to download, share and enjoy your video.

    Easily shareable.

    Share away. Our video delivery system makes it easy to share with friends.

    Trusted by thousands.

    Vanilla Video single videographer has been tested by thousands of customers.

    Get all the raw footage.

    Everything we film is yours, free. You can edit the footage yourself if preferred.

    We keep a backup copy.

    Thousands of videos backed up our servers. Yours will be safe with us too.

    We are famously affordable.

    Vanilla Video™ is the only production company with 30-minute coverage.

    Better to Video. Than not.

    We truly believe that capturing your wedding on video is worthwhile.

    Experiment. Customize.

    There is no wrong way to order Vanilla Video™. Just start with video coverage.
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