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Affordable Wedding Videography Quick Start Guide — For New Vanilla Video Customers

  • You Always get the Raw Footage.
    Raw footage is completely free. Always.

    Remember, Vanilla Video's standard technique means the raw footage will be watchable without any editing. We prepare shots for composition and aesthetics before pressing record.

  • Editing is Optional. It's an Add-on.
    We can edit your raw footage later on.

    Because of our special documentary filming style, the raw footage is immediately enjoyable. You can order editing now, next-week, or a year later. You may even have someone else edit your footage.

  • Digital Delivery is Standard.
    Download your videos online for free.

    We keep your videos safe with us — currently forever. We'll let you know if that changes. But you can download and re-download as much as you want. Or order physical copies at any time.

  • We Are Flexible on Coverage.

    We allow scheduling on the half-hour. Our service is very accomodating. Please do not abuse it; we do not allow scheduling on the quarter-hour. Split-coverage must have a 3-hour gap.

  • Experiment. We Love Different.

    We've filmed thousands of projects for customers all over the world. We won't think your request is weird — if you want it on video, we can do it.

Our Website is Smart.

Visit our Wedding FAQs

Step 1.   Tell us your budget for videography.

Due to the nature of video — you can literally spend as little or as much as you want. Let us help match you to the right level of services. Otherwise we'll be guessing, wasting your time.

Step 2.   Decide what's most important to you.

If you don't want to capture bride or groom getting ready, we aren't going to push it. Give us an idea of what's important to you. If you don't like deciding, we'll show common options.

Step 3.   Start customizing your video package.

Our website is designed to help you. Providing it information allows you to get information much faster than talking to Vanilla Support. Don't be afraid to interact with our site — it's smart.

Wedding Package Builder  

We don't require directives or meetings.

Though you are more than welcome to schedule a meeting with us.

  • We will travel to any city within 100 miles of Chicago.

    Vanilla Video does service Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Rockford, Illinois; and Northwest Indiana. Upon special request, for orders over $2,500 USD our team will consider traveling further. If you are unsure, just ask us if you're within our service range.

    Despite being Chicago-based, we have worked with customers worldwide, from London to Australia and places in-between. At some point in the future, Vanilla Video will open other locations across the United States to better service customers.

  • Physical media isn't environmentally friendly.

    We provide digital downloads for all orders, and try to persuade customers against ordering physical media. Not only is the Digital Download a higher quality, but it also never expires. Physical media degrades over time — we maintain active backups.

    You will never have to worry about your DVDs and Blu-Rays not working after a few years of archival. Or your USB drives getting lost. Our delivery system is available 24/7 and is trusted by thousands — including Fortune 500 companies.

  • You can build exactly the package you want with us.

    We have a ton of add-ons, and some may not apply to weddings, but make sense for other customers. Keep in mind, Vanilla Video does video production full-time, year-round. And weddings only represent about 30-40% of our business.

    Our expertise across all purposes of video production is precisely what makes us so affordable — and higher quality than all the "Business-Only" and "Wedding-Only" videographers. Our videographers film between 80 - 150 times per year.

  • Working with other vendors isn't an issue.

    In fact, Vanilla Video is a highly recommended vendor among many event planners, venues, photographers, and DJs. We only provide video services, so we don't have an issue working or coordinating with other vendors. We know them. They know us.

    Our reputation is real merit, earned from our history in working with thousands of other wedding vendors. Since we've worked with so many vendors, they usually know our protocol and have a mutual respect for each other's duties at events.

  • Vanilla Video has been to nearly every wedding venue.

    Unless you are hosting your wedding in an obscure location or someone's backyard, there's a high chance we have been to that venue. Our videographers can easily reference past venue notes and footage, knowing what to expect before arriving.

    Our team maintains a humble and professional demeanor at all times. Rest assured that Vanilla Video will be one of your best vendors. From convenience, to employee friendliness, the overall experience with Vanilla Video will be satisfactory.

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