Multi Camera Wedding Documentary

Vanilla Video™ Recommends Multi-Cam for Weddings.

  Overall Better Experience

Highly Recommended for Most Weddings. When you choose multi-camera coverage, you can rest assured that our professionals will get the best shot. While it is possible to cover weddings with a single videographer, a team is better suited for the task.

Our videographers will self-establish goals, and divide tasks while at your wedding. That means better coverage for the main events, but also [1] Better Audio, [2] More Detail Shots, [3] More Candid Footage, [4] More Artistic Shots, and [5] a Higher Quality Viewing Experience.

  • Camera A — Primary. Similar to a single videographer, our Cam A videographer will get the "safest" shots, and take less risks when deciding position, framing, and composition while filming.

  • Camera B — Secondary. While Camera A is gathering candid footage, our second videographer usually gathers B-Roll along with detail shots of the venue, event, people, and nuances of the day.

    During the major events, the secondary videographer aims for riskier, more artistic shots; e.g., close-ups, pans, tilts, position changes, various other techniques. Our dual videography style results in more dynamic cuts in the editing room. Camera B usually gets "The Best" shot, while Camera A gets "The Safe" shot.

  • Camera C — Tertiary.  (Optional) Adding a third videographer seals the deal, so to speak. Our third video professional will typically take over sound and audio — alleviating stress from Camera A and B.

    Of course, during the major events, that third angle allows for an even greater degree of risk-taking, i.e., better and more artistic shots.

  How many guests do you have?

A good rule of thumb. For every 125 guests, you should have one videographer present. We still recommend multi-cam videography for smaller weddings. It's just better.

  On a budget — But still want Multi-cam?

Editing is optional. Vanilla Video™ allows you to hold off on editing until you are ready to move forward. It's common too, so don't feel awkward, we can cut the editing out — and still film a Multi-camera wedding for you.

  • Dynamic Scene Cutting.

    Watch some samples to see how we cut between shots during major events.

    Safer Wedding Coverage.

    With more videographers, there's less risk in missing shots and moments.

    More Professional Shots.

    Our secondary and tertiary shooters can make more artistic shot choices.

    Better Audio Quality.

    Setup and coordination with your DJ can eat up a significant amount of time.

    Separate Videographer Roles.

    With clearly defined roles, everything turns out better & goes more smoothly.

    More Candid / B-Roll Footage.

    You will typically end up with more candid footage, and detail shots.

    Better Viewing Experience.

    Having us edit a multi-camera wedding creates a better viewing experience.

    Less Videographer Fatigue.

    We are human, and we get tired. Playing tag-team helps prevent fatigue & stress.

* Some Clips shortened for display on website.
Wedding Videography up to 3 Cameras: We let you choose the number of videographers.

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