Senior Web Developer

Job Summary

We sell video for life, using systems built from scratch. Our Senior Web Developer is extremely well versed in building automated programs making business operations seamless and well-informed. Constantly working on expanding and improving Vanilla Video internal software, the Senior Web Developer uses expertise in video production and business operations to create tools used by videographers, customers, and partners on a regular basis.

As Vanilla Video expands nationwide, the need for a strong software tools continues to grow. The Senior Web Developer constantly heeds employee’s ability to use software easily and spends their time perfecting code to maximize usability. While approaching every project with creativity, the Senior Web Developer can never sacrifice function for aesthetic.

Though limited, prior experience at Vanilla Video is a must for this role. The Senior Web Developer makes tools specific to videographers, many of which have never been used or created before. Original thought and design must be the forefront of every program or software, allowing Vanilla Video to be the leader not only in video production, but in software created specifically for the creative field.

Senior Web Developer

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Software Engineering

  • Pay: $30.00 - 80.00 / hour

    Approx. $62.4k - 166.4k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • 1-2 years of experience as a Vanilla Video Junior Videographer/Photographer to gain understanding of business operations, processes, procedures and branding

  • Passionate about working in a startup environment in an industry that is difficult to scale, play a pioneering role in the video production industry

  • Strong PHP skills and development experience using an MVC Framework

  • Comfortable integrating existing code / website components with PHP CMS Solutions / WordPress

  • Creative approach to building APIs for internal use as well as for customers, vendors, and partners

  • Ability to create/design with end users and Vanilla Video branding in mind at all times

  • Strength in using and maintaining relational databases, from design, administration, security, optimization and SQL reporting

  • Excellent understanding of Apache, Linux, DNS, Sessions, Cookies, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, Git, Docker, AWS, Linux, SSH, SFTP

  • Willingness to train, coach, and teach content designers about UX strategies, HTML / CSS to inform their creative projects

  • Up to date in industry knowledge and trends, while taking an original approach to clean and solid code structure

  • Functions well in a fast-paced, results driven environment – able to provide deliverables within expected timeframe

  • Developed interpersonal skills and team oriented mentality, willing to do what it takes for the success of overall team


Reporting directly to the VP of Technology, the Senior Web Developer carries out software project needs for the benefit of the company and subsidiaries. Vanilla Video operates on various homemade programs, pieces of code, and software – each which keep us running smoothly and efficiently. Automating as much of the video production process as possible is the key to our growth and success – the Senior Web Developer makes this happen.

Ideally someone with previous experience and passion for developing websites, software, code, and even iOS and Android applications – the Senior Web Developer must be willing to spend time as a Junior Videographer. Though every branch contains dedicated staff to handle videography and photography projects, it is difficult to understand how Vanilla Video works without first working on projects. Additionally, we do expect every employee to be able to jump on a shoot should we ever be short a videographer or two.

Outside of developing brand new systems to improve automation initiatives, the Senior Web Developer runs diagnostic tests and analytics of current processes. Whenever an improvement opportunity is located, the Senior Web Developer presents a plan and course of action and gets to work. The Senior Web Developer satisfies a variety of users, from employees to customers, and even vendor partners we frequently work with.

Responsibilities & Duties

The Senior Web Developer is responsible for ensuring our technology runs smoothly. Asking team members at various branch locations as well as digging into various parts of program code, the Senior Web Developer constantly tweaks programs without disrupting regular workflow. Ability to coordinate with a variety of team members is a must, as they work together to develop a plan and deliverables for any given application or program. A growing application is our Vanilla Video dashboard, which constantly expands to include a greater number of metrics and stats that our team references 24/7.

Though speedy in execution, the Senior Web Developer takes care to plan all projects carefully. Change is inevitable, especially in this fast-paced startup environment and the Senior Web Developer must leave room in their code to accommodate future changes. Failing to do so could result in missing deadlines and creating more work later on down the road. Efficiency is the highest priority for the Senior Web Developer.

Outside of programming and performing various system updates, the Senior Web Developer lends their expertise to the digital content department. Though creatives are expected to understand HTML/CSS code – the Senior Web Developer is always present to help out when necessary. When these team members run into problems, the Senior Web Developer comes to the rescue and even helps them by creating templates and code that make their jobs easier.

Creating smart phone applications is right on the horizon for Vanilla Video, and while the Senior Web Developer performs in the realm of websites – they should be capable of carrying out functional code for an app. An involved project dealing with multiple stakeholders and key players, the Senior Web Developer must work with designers, project managers, and other experts at Vanilla Video in creating applications that function while also maintaining the Vanilla Video brand.

Additional Requirements

  • Initiative and drive to create a user friendly application for a variety of devices

  • Passionate about growing Vanilla Video, cultivating company culture, and serving as a brand ambassador

  • Ability to work under pressure, especially with fast-approaching deadlines

  • Understands how to work with variety of people and deliver the results they are looking for

  • Willingness to go above and beyond to save time and effort in the long run

  • Appreciation for functional design, enlists the help of graphic designers, animators, and digital production designers to create user interface for programs

  • Highly organized, ability to manage several projects at various priority levels

  • Time management and project management skills, uses resources appropriately

  • Knows when to ask for help, willing to work and teach others to make their role easier

  • Inclined to mentor others, accommodating to any technology interns or interested Junior Videographers in becoming Senior Web Developers

  • Interest in becoming the VP of Technology

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