Creative Director

Job Summary

The creative director will be in charge of working directly with clients on mid-level projects and leading a team of videographers and editors on the project. You will have to communicate well with everyone involved, and take on a lot of the creative process to help give the customer the best product possible.

Creative Director

  • Experience: 2-5 Years

  • Education: Bachelor's Preferred

  • Type: Mid-Level Position

  • Class: Video Production

  • Pay: $16.00 - 22.00 / hour

    Approx. $33.3k - 45.8k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Lead creative sessions for project kick-offs

  • Manage multiple projects from concept through completion

  • Develop creative programs and design concepts that meet the business objectives of the organization and that advance our brand strategy

  • Establish creative direction for the entire line of online services and programs

  • Supervise and inspire the creative team of vendor partners; generate multiple concepts for a campaign or project

  • Work with the account team, strategy team, and copywriters to develop concepts and present to management

  • Work with internal teams to generate ideas for pitching and proposals

  • Manage team members

  • Provide quality control over concepts and projects

  • Guide a team of employees with skills and experience related to graphic design, fine arts, motion graphics, and other creative industry fields


Responsibilities & Duties

Additional Requirements

  • Video directing

  • Video filming and editing

  • Able to communicate well with clients

  • Customer service

  • Writing skills

  • Graphic design

  • Able to delegate tasks to team members and communicate with them

  • Able to storyboard and guide the creative process for a video production

  • Know Adobe Creative Suite

  • Able to train employees

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