Business Developer

Job Summary

Taking direction from the VP of Business Development, our team of Business Developers work alongside Account Executives and Communications Assistants responsible for a specific Vanilla Video territory. They scour the marketplace for opportunities and make connections with businesses and individuals seeking video. Once a positive connection is made, the Business Developer hands off the sale to an Account Executive that manages the customer’s portfolio indefinitely.

Business Developers are supported by Communications Assistants and other members within the Marketing Department. They serve as brand ambassadors for Vanilla Video and are experts in our approach to Video Production. They understand how we help a variety of customers and keep track of changing industry standards and trends. Leaders of the Vanilla Video Partners Program, the Business Development team keeps a close eye on referrals we receive and always thanks our partners that bring in new customers.

Spending time in client meetings is a major part of the Business Developer role – they coordinate with Assistant Event Planners and Communications Assistant to plan every detail and create a presentation that will resonate with potential clients. Business Developers do their homework on a customer before meeting with them, in order to build a presentation that is well informed and leaves a positive impact on the client – whether they choose us in the end or not.

Video Production Business Developer

  • Experience: 2+ Years

  • Education: Not Required

  • Type: Entry-Level Position

  • Class: Administrative

  • Pay: $25.00 - 45.00 / hour

    Approx. $52k - 93.6k Yearly.

    Standard Benefits

Key Qualifications

  • Prior experience as a Vanilla Video account executive for at least 2 years

  • Extremely developed interpersonal skills, able to manage expectations and keep customers satisfied with their projects

  • Excellent communication skills, maintains Vanilla Video brand personality in all messaging

  • Project management and coordination skills, makes proper use of assistants and other personnel

  • Inventive, helps develop new services, products or distribution channels

  • Analytical skills, tracks market and competitors to gain and maintain a competitive edge

  • Strategic, identifies opportunities that can contribute to a boost in sales

  • Leadership skills while working with Account Executives and Branch Operators to increase profitability of their respective locations

  • Mentorship ability, willing to work with less experienced members of sales and operations to provide insight and valuable information

  • High level understanding of pricing structure, ability to coordinate with Financial Analysts to determine opportunities for price increases or decreases in their territory

  • Cooperative, work as a dynamic member of a team

  • Negotiation and sales skills, supports sales force while handling large ($10k+) clients

  • Creative approach to problem solving, able to pitch ideas for increasing revenue growth

  • Personable and relentless in cultivating potential business partners for Vanilla Video

  • Industry knowledge and expertise in video production especially at Vanilla Video

  • Up-to-date on industry trends in video production, always learning more about specific target markets and creating solutions to win them as customers


Business Developers work hard to bring in brand new, large customers to Vanilla Video. These customers with complex needs and project expectations require special attention, not because of their wallets, but because their deliverables often involve more planning in general. The Business Developers cast a wide net when looking for larger clients with tickets over $10k and once they get the customers on board and ready to go, they provide proper training and communication to the project staff and account executives who will be managing their portfolio going forward.

While our Business Developers make it look easy, turning leads into loyal customers is hard work. They coordinate with Communications Assistants and the Assistant Event Planner to plan and prepare for sales presentations. These meetings provide an opportunity for Vanilla Video to leave a lasting impression, it is imperative our goals and branding are clearly represented. We want to welcome our clients and make the sales process as easy for them as possible, we even bring along Creative Directors and Senior Videographers should they be able to offer any specific expertise or insight on a project.

Outside of meeting with potential customers, Business Developers have a lot of work to do back at the office. They lead our Partner Program where we reward other companies that give us referrals. Unlike a typical rewards program, we award a variety of prizes to our partners that constantly send us new, happy customers. Word of mouth plays a large role in our sales and income, we want to ensure we properly thank those who take the time to refer us to their friends and clients.

Responsibilities & Duties

Generally responsible for bringing the big fish in via meetings, outreach, and networking events – the Business Developers spend a great deal of time analyzing sales and looking for sales opportunities. While value exists in a conventional approach to Business Development, hitting the phones and meeting with clients – we come across Business Development opportunities as well. Whether this means having a presence at a networking event or even hosting a lecture series – our Business Developers discover the target markets that need video within our price range and find out how to get in front of them.

Regardless of the activity, Business Developers at Vanilla Video lean on a variety of others to make those connections. Event Planners help coordinating for meetings and events. Communications Assistants create collateral and sales presentations. Senior Videographers and Creative Directors are always ready and available to lend their expertise and ride along for meetings where they are often expected to show off their skills. Gathering data and working with the sales force is an important part of the Business Developer’s role – they are able to determine pricing for complex projects as well as discover opportunities for growth. Whenever possible, they offer training on these opportunities to Account Executives and Branch Operations Managers.

Additional Requirements

  • Developed networking skills

  • Results driven, sets and implements plans for meeting realistic sales goals

  • Financial knowledge, able to perform market analyses

  • Capable of finding and developing potential clients

  • Enthusiastic when communicating and negotiating with clients

  • Passionate about maintaining company culture

  • Provides insight and expertise in underserved markets

  • Love of learning, always researching and looking for new opportunities

  • Secure in their knowledge of videography and video production

  • Marketing knowledge, capable of keeping up with and providing insight to the marketing department

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