Nick Romano

Senior Videographer / Co-Founder

An avid film-lover from the beginning, Nick easily found a place at Vanilla Video. When he isn’t filming or editing at Vanilla, Nick can be found watching movies, movies and more movies. As a result, Nick unsurprisingly has a growing Blu-ray collection of over 500 movies and TV shows. Some of his favorites include Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and anything by Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, or Martin Scorsese to name a few. During those rare moments Nick isn’t at Vanilla or watching movies, he also enjoys exercising, playing video games, reading comics, and spending time with family and friends.

A resident of Willowbrook, Illinois, Nick was first interested in co-founding Vanilla because it gave him the opportunity to build something new and different. Working at Vanilla, however, brought Nick much more than that.

"Joining Vanilla was probably the most important event of my life so far. When I was going to school I didn’t really have much direction — it just felt like a waste of time. Dropping out, quitting my job and wrapping up all my freelance work was the smartest thing I ever did. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained from Vanilla is priceless."

An aspiring filmmaker since childhood, Nick’s number one goal in life is to make movies, and Vanilla has helped him move forward with that dream.

"Vanilla Video has been perfect for me. I’ve been able to really refine my skills as a videographer and editor, and it’s been amazing. It has also given me a peak into the business world which is something I never really knew much about."

Nick loves the fact Vanilla Video does just about everything, and the variety this presents. “I’ve been able to learn about a lot of different, random things one would never expect to learn about. And that has been so much fun.” Nick is also excited to see what the future holds for Vanilla. He sees a lot of potential and opportunity within the company.

Nick’s favorite travel experience is when he went on road trip in January 2014 with friends. During this trip, Nick and his friends stopped at a number of locations including St. Louis, Oklahoma, Texas, Zion National Park, Las Vegas and California to name a few. It was one of the best experiences of his entire life, during which he made a lot of memories he will cherish for years to come.

Always a chowhound, Nick’s favorite foods includes pizza, Five Guys, Thai food, El Burrito Loco, Panera Bread, and occasionally late-night stops at Taco Bell. On his quests for substance, Nick enjoys listening to classic rock and film scores, although he enjoys just about every kind of music.