Isaac Carlson

Junior Videographer

Isaac is a talented editor and a welcomed addition to Vanilla Video's Chicago office. Hailing from a decidedly different environment, Isaac grew up in a small town called Glenwood Springs, CO. a place that boasts an amusement park built into the side of a mountain and the nation's largest, outdoor, naturally-occurring hot springs pool.

Now at home in a bigger city, Isaac has found a a place in the Chicago film community and is passionate about watching it grow.

"The goal I wish to accomplish more than anything is to foster a unique cinematic flavor in Chicago. In this city, we have a particular style of theater, cuisine, and even architecture. I dream of seeing a similar "Chicago style" motion picture tradition. In my spare time, I work towards this goal with a fledgling group called The Second Cinema."

A curious engineer at heart, Isaac feels right at home sifting through footage and piecing together custom edits. Even at home, he keeps his fingers busy and his mind occupied tinkering with homemade lamps and gear clocks.

The need to tinker definitely runs in the family. Isaac's most prized family heirloom is a wooden sword hand-carver by his father. These days the old sword is held together with wood glue and a prayer, but it's still one of Isaac's most treasured possessions.

If you're a Chicago resident, you've got a good chance of running into Isaac. In his spare time, you'll often find him on an adventure with his fiancé, exploring all the city has to offer.

"A current goal I am working towards is to visit each neighborhood in Chicago. I've made it to many parts of the Northwest, Northeast, South, West, and Southwest sides but there are still huge portions that remain a complete mystery to me."

Some of the best editors are insatiably curious about new technologies and Isaac is no different.

"I find the future of technology both exciting and daunting. 3D printers in every home, virtual reality movies designed for Oculus Rift, mail delivered by drones, and please someone invent something that teleports me home when it's 20 below outside."

Like a lot of people in the world, Isaac and developed a collection of sorts throughout his years. He has a soft spot for jolly smile of garden gnomes and finds them irresistibly charming. We're not sure yet if Isaac goes searching for these gnomes or if they somehow find him, but the current count is up to 12.

When it comes the work, Isaac is an equal opportunity editor. He enjoys getting his hands on everything from school plays, to sports reels, to business promos and brand films.

"I got involved with Vanilla after spending some time working in a more corporate setting. I decided I wanted to pursue a career where I could use my video talents to better serve people. Vanilla Video provided the perfect opportunity and I'm very happy to be a part of the team."