Hannah Hein

Junior Videographer

A Wisconsin native, Hannah first became involved with Vanilla Video when she stumbled upon the company website. After pouring over the site and being thoroughly impressed with the modern video product Vanilla Video produced, Hannah instantly knew she had to join the team and moved to Chicago.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Hannah has degrees in both Graphic Design and Electronic Media, which allow her to pursue her passion of storytelling. "I enjoy telling stories of any kind, whether it’s written, visual, theatrical, or through the eyes of a camera lens."

Hannah puts her love for storytelling to good use at Vanilla, where is she currently working on improving her filming and video-editing skills. Her favorite thing about working at Vanilla is getting to meet new people and do different things every day. Hannah also enjoys working with Vanilla's fun and very talented group of people.

When she isn’t at Vanilla, Hannah enjoys watching movies and TV. Some of her favorites include the Lord of the Rings, The Sound of Music, Lost, Doctor Who, and The Thick of It. Often times Hannah will tune into these shows when she is writing, painting, or doing yoga. When she's looking to do something a bit more adventurous, Hannah likes to camp, hike, and go horseback riding.

"My family owned a farm, which made having horses possible for us. This was a good thing because there weren't many entertainment options in rural Wisconsin, and I spent much of my childhood and teenage years on horseback. I have been riding and training horses for about 15 years now."

Some of Hannah’s favorite memories involve riding across the fields of her family’s farm, or sitting around bonfires at night with friends. But her favorite memory is when she spent a semester in London.

"Living with a host family in London for four months opened my eyes to many different cultures and ways of life, which altered the way I think and my lifestyle. I've been bitten by the travel bug now and want to see as much of the world, and meet as many new people as I can."

Hannah would eventually like to live in Europe, and travel all around the continent some day. She also aims to eventually own a stable or equine rehabilitation center and give riding lessons. Hannah wants to improve her painting ability and try acting in the near future as well. Additionally, she would like to write and produce a screen-play eventually.

Partly due to her love of traveling, Hannah likes trying new foods, but especially enjoys Greek and Italian dishes. Her all-time favorite food, however, is potatoes in any form.

Hannah is excited to see where the future takes Vanilla, and is happy to take part in that future. She sees a lot of potential for the company and looks forward to telling stories of all kinds at Vanilla Video.