Frank Romano III

Vice President of Sales / Co-Founder

Frank, a movie fanatic from the beginning, first became involved with Vanilla Video after being approached by potential customers as a freelance videographer. Unsure of how to charge for video services, Frank discussed the matter with Corey and they eventually realized that traditional editing was not always necessary. Not long afterwards, the idea of Vanilla Video took shape.

Frank dropped everything to start Vanilla Video, and regrets nothing in doing so. His favorite thing to film at Vanilla is interview-related projects with lighting setups, and he is currently working on growing Vanilla into a larger business. Frank would like to expand the company's service offerings, and eventually make Vanilla Video available in other cities across the US.

In his spare time, Frank likes to work on personal passion projects. Some of these include personal video projects and podcasts, but also stretch into writing, reading, photography, drawing, and sketching. Frank will eventually write, direct and produce a movie. He's also interested in working on a hand-drawn or stop-motion animated short.

When Frank isn’t working on personal projects, he can be found watching movies or reading technical film books to refine his filmmaking skills. Two books that had a lasting impression on him are Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon and Making Movies by Sydney Lumet. Frank's favorite filmmakers include Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Paul Thomas Anderson, Cameron Crowe, Alexander Pain, Wes Anderson and Woody Allen.

"I like to watch movies. If I had the time, I would watch a new movie every day. I really like to educate myself in different film movements or watch a director’s entire body of work." While Frank considers himself to be very driven, ambitious and career-focused, he prefers an artist’s lifestyle. "One day I’d like to own a house, dedicate a few rooms as creative spaces and work from home on a variety of passion projects. I also would like to start a family."

A Forest Park, Illinois native, some of Frank’s most vivid memories are from childhood. He particularly remembers the freedom of summer and the endless opportunity that came with it. One of Frank’s favorite memories, however, is when he took a road trip to the West Coast with a bunch of friends. Frank loves to travel and wishes he had more time to do so. But no matter how busy he is, Frank always finds time to crack a joke.

"I tend to find crude humor extremely funny. Being so familiar with movies and entertainment, I feel like I’ve heard every joke. So the more taboo a joke, the funnier it is to me." In addition to bad jokes, Frank enjoys bad food. "I like anything and everything that’s bad for you. I have lowbrow tastes. But I especially love Mexican food."

While Frank was raised on classic rock music, he mostly listens to film scores. He particularly enjoys those by John Williams, Howard Shore, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer.