Corey Olson

CEO / Co-Founder

Corey, a software engineer/web programmer from Chicago constantly searching for better and more efficient solutions to everyday problems, is one of the co-founders behind Vanilla Video. Corey originally came up with the idea for Vanilla when a friend couldn’t afford to have his wedding filmed. Identifying this as a problem that needed fixing, Corey seized this opportunity to put his problem-solving skills to the test, and Vanilla Video was created.

"I thought we could re-imagine filming weddings without editing. This was partly due to the cheesy wedding videos common everywhere, but mostly due to financial constraints that customers had. Vanilla Video was born after realizing editing wasn't explicitly necessary."

Always on the move and searching for ways to improve, Corey's current objective is to expand Vanilla Video into a multi-location company. "Right now, I want to grow Vanilla into a larger business and add team members. I think our service is pretty cool, and branching out to other cities would be awesome."

Corey enjoys filming weddings on behalf of Vanilla, which he finds to be a fun and unique experience. He also enjoys learning more about the wedding industry and the people involved behind its scenes.

Constantly creating new and cool things, Corey also wants to bootstrap some hobby web-projects into full-blown startups. As a result, Corey can commonly be found browsing through technical books on computer science or learning new programming language, design patterns, algorithms and frameworks. Occasionally, he even binges on Wikipedia for hours. With this passion for problem solving, Corey spends much of his free time following startups, researching the latest technology, reverse engineering business models, building websites, and exploring new technology or programming languages.

For some quiet time, Corey will often leisure drive with music once a week. He will pick a random direction and cruise for 1-3 hours listening to music, thinking and enjoying the drive. On these drives, Corey likes to jam out to Trance, Dance, House and Electronic music. On one such occasion Corey randomly drove to St. Louis for no particular reason at 12:30 AM. without any packed bags or plan, and drove back the same day without sleeping. This feat was not achieved without some help from Corey's favorite coffee shop: Starbucks.

A former Starbucks employee, Corey has an addiction to the iconic Seattle brand. On average, Corey will visit Starbucks 2-3 times per day. When he takes his laptop and works on his latest projects, Corey will occasionally have up to six drinks in one day. Sometimes he will even get coffee on his way to get coffee, and as he heads to work or starts his day.

Besides Starbucks, Corey's favorite foods include Jewel's taco dip, tacos in general, pizza of all kind, steak, banana cream pie, Denny's, and McDonalds. When he isn't indulging in fast food, Corey tries to maintain a mostly vegan diet.

In his lifetime, Corey wants to create things that impact a lot of lives in a positive way.