Cassie Stockigt

Junior Videographer

Cassie, an Indianapolis native, was looking for an adventure when she discovered Vanilla Video. After reviewing the website and being immediately drawn to Vanilla, Cassie knew she had found the best place to grow her video skills and career. So she took a leap and moved to Chicago, which she now calls home.

A recent graduate of Ball State University, Cassie has a degree in video production and a minor in entrepreneurship, both passions of hers. But Cassie’s real passion and talent lies with her creativity.

“I like storytelling in artistic forms and thinking up new ideas. Schooling just gave me the tools to pursue something greater.”

Cassie is also a passionate listener and enjoys learning about people, their stories, and what makes each and every one of us human. Part of Cassie’s interest in other people stems from her time abroad.

“A really progressive and life-changing event for me was interning abroad in Dublin, Ireland. That journey helped me discover myself and connect with others, and their stories. I discovered and pursued the opportunity all on my own, and this was a driver for me to continue pursing my dreams down every avenue.”

Besides traveling, Cassie likes to spend her free time playing her ukulele or guitar, watching her favorite television series and movies, exploring new places in her environment, and occasionally juggling.

“I carry a super ball with me at all times because who knows when there will be a dull moment, and I like being the person known for goofy little things like that.”

Some of Cassie’s favorite movies include Grease, Amelie, Almost Famous and Fried Green Tomatoes. Her favorite music includes 90’s bands and classic rock such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, The Cranberries, and Beirut. Cassie also enjoys Mexican food, chocolate, coffee, cheese, bread, and cheese on bread.

Cassie’s most treasured possessions are her photos, and the little trinkets that hold big memories with her loved ones. One of her favorite memories is collecting rocks and toads with her childhood best friend.

Unlike many others who fear the ambiguity of the future, Cassie likes not knowing what will happen next. But in her lifetime, Cassie does aim to travel, help others along the way even if only by listening, and discover who she is meant to be for this world. And above all else, Cassie’s main goal in life is to be content no matter life’s circumstances.