Revenue Growth is important: Why employees need to care

There’s a famous business quote: If you’re not growing, you’re dying. 

In 2015 Vanilla grew approximately 35%. This year we are currently trending at 17% growth. That’s still pretty good since the average growth rate is somewhere around 5% for most private businesses. So while we are still in a healthy uptrend, we need to be careful as Vanilla’s growth begins to plateau in the Chicago market. Our local geography is likely approaching carrying capacity; which means further growth in Chicago comes from taking competitor market share. In turn, this means overall future growth must come from alternative sources. If we want to grow, we must begin looking beyond Chicago. If we do not expand beyond Chicago, or alter our scope of services, it’s likely Vanilla moves down into the average 5% growth range for 2017. This is not good, because remember – if you’re not growing, you’re dying.   Continue reading “Revenue Growth is important: Why employees need to care” »

Vanilla Video launches nationwide Video Editing Services via Edit Engine

With a growing team of 8 full-time video professionals here at Vanilla Video — we figured it was about time to expand beyond our typical service range. Currently we only service customers looking to film and produce video within ~100 miles of Chicago, which includes Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs. With Edit Engine we are seeking to expand a portion of our services nationwide and to other English-speaking countries. Continue reading “Vanilla Video launches nationwide Video Editing Services via Edit Engine” »

Being a nonpolitical, content agnostic business

Recently a lot of political and social movements have gained attention in both the media and the hearts of many individuals across the world. Some of these political causes have been exacerbated, misunderstood, distorted, emphasized, belittled, written about, commented on or otherwise gained special attention and some a bit of notoriety due to the US election season. Being my own person, I have a lot to say about these political issues. However, as a collective business, we have nothing to say. We’re a nonpolitical organization and do not take sides in debate or social issues. We exist to document and relay information from customers. Similar to how internet service providers are held to be “Net Neutral” providers, or doctors are obliged to save any person’s life — we are likewise agnostic to legal content passing through our lenses. We are not a filter. Continue reading “Being a nonpolitical, content agnostic business” »