Vanilla Video launches nationwide Video Editing Services via Edit Engine

With a growing team of 8 full-time video professionals here at Vanilla Video — we figured it was about time to expand beyond our typical service range. Currently we only service customers looking to film and produce video within ~100 miles of Chicago, which includes Milwaukee and surrounding suburbs. With Edit Engine we are seeking to expand a portion of our services nationwide and to other English-speaking countries.

Vanilla Video launches Edit Engine — America’s video editor

Basic Information

What is Edit Engine?

Edit Engine is a video editing service available worldwide to English speaking customers. Our goal is to enhance the operational efficiency of Vanilla Video labor by attracting more “edit-only” customers. Vanilla Video primarily focuses on clients who are looking to film new video within a 100-mile radius of Chicago; including Milwaukee, surrounding suburbs and occasionally projects beyond that scope. Edit Engine is the official focus of advertising to customers who are in need of video editing services – regardless of their geographic location. By marketing worldwide, Vanilla Video aims to achieve a larger customer base, increase cash flow and more efficiently utilized full-time employee labor. The services provided by Edit Engine are complimentary to Vanilla Video’s natural operational capacity. However, making a consistent push into attracting edit only work, we may be able to grow the business without geographic boundary.

Who are Edit Engine Customers?

We target any English-speaking person in need of video editing services. This primarily includes: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Israel, South Africa, Ireland and Australia as these geographic locations are associated as English speaking nations with economies that might use our services.

One-time small project customers

Edit Engine classifies customers as one of two primary types: Single-Project and Multi-Project Relationships with creative professionals, ad agencies, etc. Attracting personal projects for video editing are normally home, personal users looking to edit wedding footage, holiday videos or other personal sorts of video.

Multi-project long-term relational customers

Longer lasting relational customers are professional video producers looking to outsource their editing workload to a competent video editor. For relational customers, we opt to provide a reliable way to edit video without the need of them to manage or handle multiple freelancers and varying workloads.

Initial market reaction

Already within the first day of launching Edit Engine, we have received a variety of customer inquiries. We expect Edit Engine to become a significant portion of our business going forward and hope to expand our brand and services to both one-time project customers and other video producers looking to outsource their editing needs. If you are a creative agency or video producer looking to outsource your workload — contact our team at Edit Engine.

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