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    Affordable videography with pricing that's easy to understand. We believe in transparent pricing, so customers can choose options best for them.

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    Our private cloud and video rendering farm allows us to deliver a digital file 24-hours after filming.

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Vanilla Videographer

A Vanilla Video is a type of video. It's a master copy of everything we film (all the raw footage) along with basic sound editing. Vanilla Videos are perfect for any event, general videography, and many situations.

  What exactly is a Vanilla Video?

Editing is optional. Vanilla Video is professionally filmed, and comes ready to be enjoyed. We do offer custom editing — along with editing services designed specifically for Vanilla Video.

  Clips   or   Montage   for Vanilla Video

A quick introduction to Vanilla Video.

We've redesigned videography to be a great experience.

  •   Show up. Film.

    No planning or meetings necessary. Vanilla Video is a "show up and film" service. It's perfect for weddings, sports, business, music, and events.

  •   Just good video.

    Our videography style is highly enjoyable for every person, across all age groups, and is generally non-artistic. Our style is universally loved.

  •   Eco-friendly delivery.

    We deliver videos entirely online via our website. You'll get a private link to view, download, or share with friends and family if you choose to.

  •   Optional editing.

    Vanilla Video is enjoyable without editing. But we do have two fantastic add-ons for Vanilla Video. Clips and Montage are great additions.

  •   In-house videographers.

    We never outsource to freelancers. We employ and train each and every videographer for strict quality control.

  •   HD + Great sound.

    We use high-end equipment. Each videographer is outfitted with a robust video kit for a dynamic range of situations.

Specially engineered video management system.

So your videos are safely archived, easy to watch, and enjoyable everywhere.

* Some devices may not support downloads — limited to streaming only.       † Requires a DVD or an HTML5 browser.

Do you have video of your friends & family?

Vanilla Video is about what really matters.

Video isn't a big deal

But your friends and family are.

Seriously worth it.

Our mission is simple — we started this for a reason. It isn't about making movies. We are here to make video easy to get and enjoy.

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Get more video

We've made it easy to do.

Do it more often.

We've designed Vanilla Video to be a frequent lifestyle service. We recommend filming several times per year, even if it's just a half hour.

Our affordable half hour services are perfect for small events throughout the year.

We are based in Chicago.

Vanilla Video offers videography services in Northwest Indiana, Milwaukee, Chicago and all city / suburbs in-between. We include 40 miles of travel from our Willowbrook, IL location.

We are affordable.

Starting as low as 99 for the first half hour, or day rates for videography if you prefer. Videography in Chicago that's affordable and easy to order.

We do high-end video too.

We absolutely have the best videographers in Chicago — Period. If you have the budget, we can do high-end video production for businesses and commercial users. We also offer dedicated videography services for extreme productions.

Chicago videography & video production prices

We can film anything.

Are you looking for an affordable videographer in Chicago or the surrounding area? Vanilla Video is an event videography service for Chicago, with professional videographers on staff.

Our in-house team of video professionals can handle any project, big or small, including corporate video production for businesses and Fortune 500 brands.

What type of video production are you looking for?

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Vanilla Video has served thousands of customers across the United States

  • Video production services

    If you are seeking Chicago video production services, our team of professional videographers is here to help. Our team is capable of video consulting, brainstorming, filming, editing, post-production, and guidance with marketing and deploying your video. Getting started is easy. Contact us today!

  • Video editing services

    Our video editors are more than capable of bringing your concepts to life. Our team has years of experience working across thousands of events, training videos, corporate productions, brand films, weddings, and so much more. Contact us about your video editing project today!

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