Order Waitlist Policy

Due to high demand, we may have to waitlist your order. This policy describes Vanilla Video's official procedure for waitlisting orders due to supply and demand constraints. By placing an order, or using our service and website, you are agreeing to these terms.

  • No Reservations Until Paid. We do not reserve availability in any form or fashion until an order has been completely paid in-full. For more details, please read our Official Sales Terms.

  • Why Waitlist. How it Works. For an explanation of why Vanilla Video has implemented the practice of waitlisting, please see our customer resources page on How Order Waitlisting Works.

Waitlisting Orders

  • Minimum Threshold. For our 2015 Season (Now through February 28, 2016) No order above $729.00 USD in value will be waitlisted. Orders $728.99 or less in value may be waitlisted. For our 2016 Season (March 1, 2016 and Future Dates) No order above $859.00 USD in value will be waitlisted. Orders $858.99 or less in value may be waitlisted.

  • Peak Days. Peak Hours. We only waitlist orders for peak hours, which are most commonly Friday and Saturday afternoons and evenings. However, certain other days (especially holidays) may also be subject to our waitlisting policy.

  • Determination. Based on previous sales data, current customer inquries, website usage, growth metrics, advertising & marketing campaigns, and various other means — we are able to predict with high accuracy which days and hours will be highly saught after.

  • Implementation. If our data analysis indicates a high demand timeframe — Vanilla Video will have to waitlist your order to service customers who would like to purchase "more" coverage. While we do believe every customer is equally worthy of filming, we have a fiduciary duty to our stockholders to maximize revenue, and a responsibility to our employees to maximize their working hours.

  • Accumulation & Expansion. By accumulating waitlist data, we may be able to hire and train other video production professionals in the lead-time up to your event. While we must generally accept larger orders in the event of waitlist, we do seek to increase our availability capacity by hiring and employing more videographers.

  • Function. We will generally (but not always) accept the next highest value orders in the waitlist. However, we may accept smaller orders EVEN DURING PEAK HOURS if scheduling allows for it.

  • Discretion. All orders are accepted at the discretion of a sales person representing Vanilla Video. We are always working towards fulfilling every order, increasing our availability and capacity to fulfill, and do not want to turn down any customers. Though, because Vanilla Video is exceptionally popular, and due to the nature of supply and demand, we have implemented a waitlisting policy.

  • Pricing Complexity. Due to the complexity and dynamic nature of (a) videographer availability, (b) equipment availability, and (c) customer requests in a given timeframe, you acknowledge that showcasing such availability and pricing would be exceptionally difficult for a company of our size and technical capacity.

    Until we are more technically capable, or capable of implementing dynamic "airline pricing", you acknowledge that our waitlist policy is a reasonable attempt at mitigating supply and demand constraints.

    Further, you acknowledge that we have made adequate attempts on our website to notify you of such a policy. Especially on relevant areas of our site, e.g., Availability, Pricing, and Terms.

    Please see How Waitlisting Works for more information.