Safety Policy

We take the safety, health and general well being of our videographers very seriously and ask that customers respect these safety standards. Please note, that videographers may refuse to perform an action if it endangers them or the equipment.

Videographer Safety Policy

  • No filming outdoors during rain, extreme fog, or thunderstorms.

  • No filming outdoors when the temperature is below 50° F, or over 100° F.

  • We cannot film within 10 feet of open bodies of water.

  • We cannot bring equipment onto open-roof (i.e., not fully enclosed.) boats.

  • We cannot walk backwards, or run while handling cameras.

  • We cannot go onto roofs or scaffolds lacking guard rails.

  • We cannot climb ladders, but may go up stairs.

  • We will not enter homes, offices, or premises that are unsafe or hazardous.

  • Videographers will flee to safety during nearby fights, riots, or crimes in action.

  • Videographers will leave if they become threatened or feel unsafe.

  • Videographers will leave if there are unlawful activities taking places.

  • Videographers may refuse any customer request or action if, in their sole discretion, they feel such request or action would endanger themselves, equipment or is unlawful.