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Question about Sports Videography?

Do you film my sport?

Yes — we can film any sport. Whether it's basketball, hockey, soccer, football, baseball, lacrosse, badminton, tennis, golf and much more.

What if my game goes into over time?

Our videographer knows to stay longer and will unless you've directed us otherwise. If over time wraps in 5-10 minutes it's no big deal. However, if your event runs 15 minutes later than expected we will have to hold the footage and bill you an extra half hour. Upon payment, we will release the footage for digital delivery.

Can you film in the rain, snow or outdoors?

We cannot film in the rain — especially if there is lightning, hail, strong winds or dangerous weather conditions. We can film in light snow, sparingly. Otherwise, we are able to film outside without issue, weather permitting.

What if I want to film multiple sport games?

You'll have to contact us or call (866) 948-4336 for assistance with ordering.