Multi-camera Lake Zurich High School Basketball Sports Video

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Video Project Description

Multi-camera videography allows for a wider dynamic range of shots available to edit into a video after the shoot. While not all sports videography requires editing as coaches and players typically watch raw footage immediately after its available, this sample has been edited to include seamless transitions between both cameras. One camera was positioned and operated from the bleachers, while another videographer filmed courtside.

There is always an added benefit in filming an sports game or event with multiple cameras, which is that it’s nearly impossible to miss a second of the action, especially in a contained area like a high school basketball court. In this sample you can see editing between cameras – some of the most impressive shots include zooms on the basketball right behind the hoop backboard. Professional sports videography with multiple cameras allows for more shots and more footage to enjoy.

Using multiple cameras for a sports videography shoot of a basketball game or other sporting event allows Vanilla Video enough variety in shots and footage to create a video that mimics those seen on national television networks offering live sports coverage. While two cameras are not necessary to successfully film a sports game, they enable us to create a video that looks just like it came off television. Editing for multicamera shoots is always available after the footage is captured, however we do deliver every second of raw footage so that coaches and players can beginning studying their technique and ball play immediately.

While not every team elects to use multiple cameras for their professional sports videography, any footage by Vanilla Video for a sporting event proves valuable for several reasons. The first being the opportunity to look back on past performance to learn strengths and weaknesses of the team as well as individual players. Once Vanilla Video has a few games worth of footage, individual players can also request recruitment videos to be edited for their college athletic program applications. Beyond all the uses for sports videography, parents, coaches, and teammates alike love having all of that footage to look back on, whether they continue playing the sport or not.

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