Multi-Camera Sports Videography High School Boys' Basketball

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Video Project Description

In many sports, the ball can change direction in a matter of seconds. Here, we can see it happening in a boys’ high school basketball game. While the red team looks like it might be able to score a free throw, the blue team steals the ball and makes a trey grabbing 3 more points for their team. In just eighteen seconds, we can see how well the blue team communicates and plays together. Each player passes the ball quickly ensuring that the team is being used efficiently. Even though there is a lot of running around going on among all of the players, Vanilla Video captures all the action in high definition 60p, allowing coaches, players, and their parents watch the footage again and again.

This is an example of a multi-camera sports videography session, showing an edited cut from a secondary camera to the primary camera. One camera was placed at the top of the bleachers, while another camera grabbed close-up footage below. From both views, jerseys can be seen clearly so coaches and teammates can identify each other when watching footage during practice after a game. Every multi-camera shoot is delivered with every second of raw footage from each camera used. This sample shows footage from both cameras edited together, editing can always be done at a later date.

Using two cameras for filming a sports event ensures just about every move is recorded. Footage of the same plays can be reviewed from two different angels, allowing coaches and players to analyze and strategize for improvement. Video is a huge tool for athletes and coaches alike. Footage from multiple angles is also helpful to include in a recruiting video, where a college coach is able to take a closer look at the player in multiple angles of the same play.

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