Multi-Camera High School Boys Basketball

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Video Project Description

Two teams fight to defend their baskets during this intense game of high school boys basketball. The ball travels across the court from player to player. Fouls are called and the ball changes direction multiple times within the short period. Cheerleaders shout to cheer up their team as they work hard to make points and defend their side of the court.

This video is an example of a multi-camera sports videography project by Vanilla Video. We have one videographer positioned in the bleachers while the other films courtside. This maximum coverage options ensures that every detail of the game is caught on film, allowing coaches and players to review their moves after the game is over. Video is an exceptional tool for athletes and their trainers, athletes are able to gain a better understanding of their technique visually. Understanding their mistakes allows them to work harder in practice to fix them and improve in order to perform better during the next game.

While sports videography makes for a great training tool for players and their coaches. Parents love video because it preserves a moment in time. While many teams take professional photos before every season begins, a video of a game allows parents, players, their friends, and even their future wives to look back at a time where they were younger and things were simpler. Our mission at Vanilla Video is to create an abundance of video, to allow people to look back at major moments in their lives. While a high school basketball game is not a huge event for everyone, the players on that team put in hard work every single day. Their experience on the court will never occur again, especially for those who do not go on to play basketball professionally or in college. These are fun memories to capture and look back on for everyone involved for years to come.

Vanilla Video is prepared with the best in videography equipment and personnel to handle any sports videography project. We always film in high definition, 60p. This means a higher frame rate is used to eliminate blur and allow for a clearer picture to watch later on. Our professional sports videographers are full-time employees that truly enjoy their jobs. They film passionately and enthusiastically capture all of the action surround a basketball game, including players, their coaches, their friends and family in the bleachers, as well as the cheerleaders throughout the duration of the game.

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