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Video Project Description

Here is a professor teaching a lecture on various joint dysfunctions and how to classify them. Getting videos of lectures is a great tool for professors and students alike. Students are able to watch a lesson over and over again when preparing for an exam, writing a paper, or just to assist in the initial learning process.

Vanilla Video makes recording anything on video easy. Many people use videos to remember a special moment, but video can also be used to learn and remember important skills that a student hopes to use in their everyday life. Video can also be used to improve a skill – professors can look back on lectures and evaluate how the lecture affected students’ performance in the classroom.

Using professional videography to record anything, from a lecture series to a birthday party, means that you do not have to worry about technical difficulties or holes in footage. When Vanilla Video shows up to film, we come prepared for just about anything. Our experienced videographers set up shots that will look great on screen, without editing necessary. This video incorporated screen shots of presentation slides from the lecture as well as live footage of the professor speaking. This makes it easy for students to follow along in their notes when they watch the lecture while studying.

Though the subject matter of this video is specific to a particular course and program at a University, videos like this one are valuable tools for the University’s student recruiting efforts as well. With videos of a variety of courses, the school can give prospective students a taste of what it is like to take a class without having to schedule a visit. Students can get a better feel for a professor or coursework, even if they are already enrolled in school. Video allows information to be shared easily, rapidly, and to a large amount of people.

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