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Video Project Description

After Vanilla Video captured footage at the Summer American Marketing Association conference, the AMA came to use a few months later and requested editing services to create a brand film. At the conference, Vanilla Video filmed goings-on at the event, b-roll, as well as interviews of a variety of college professors regarding diversity programming in colleges and universities in the United States. Though the contacts from the AMA in charged with ordering and directing the video came to us with an idea in mind, we used our expertise to guide them through developing the final brand film for the association.

The AMA wanted to open up their brand film with a statistic about diversity in the classroom – specifically among college professors. This is a great way to start a conversation with viewers – shocking statistics typically grab the audience’s attention. They found a statistic to open a dialogue about why diversity in business is an important topic.
They left it to Vanilla Video editors to choose clips to speak toward the theme about why diversity among college professors is so important to under-represented minority students. They gave us a list of topics and trends they found in the raw footage to keep in mind including: diversity in front of the classroom, student mentorship, the importance of different perspectives being brought to the classroom/workforce, the growing global marketplace and the AMA’s commitment and contribution to diversity.

AMA gave us ideas for the close of the video as well. The end of a video is a good place for a call to action, even if it is just to learn more about a business, organization or product. In this case, AMA wanted an outro encouraging people to continue to support the work of the AMAF.

This video created for the American Marketing Association is a perfect example of how to use Vanilla Video effectively. Without much in terms of a promotional video or brand film in mind, they called Vanilla Video to film an event with projected high-attendance volume. We showed up, filmed b-roll and people interacting at the event. We also grabbed interviews from attendees, making sure to get their names, positions, and organizations to use for lower third name keys. A few months later after raw footage was delivered and reviewed by the AMA, they contacted us with a better idea of what they wanted for a brand film. With a little guidance as well as our own knowledge in creating effective brand films for businesses, we crafted a brand film to suit AMA’s purposes to bring diversity awareness to college campuses across the United States.

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