Phillip's Interior Plants and Displays Web Intro

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Video Project Description

Phillip’s Flowers decided to use video to introduce a lesser known division of their family-owned flower shop business, Phillip’s Interior Plants and Displays provides quality plants and display maintenance for commercial businesses.

This web intro starts right on Phillip’s logo for their commercial division before the General Manager starts talking. Vanilla Video recording her talking about Phillip’s Flowers and their Interior Plants and Displays division right in their greenhouse. We captured several B-roll shots of beautiful plants and flowers allowing the video to show off Phillip’s products while the General Manager keeps describing the business division.

Next, an Account Manager describes the type of work Phillip’s Interior Plants and Displays while the video pans on real examples in different businesses in the Chicagoland area. This allows for a smooth transition to customer testimonials. Several customers decide why they chose to go with Phillip’s Interior Plants and Displays and state their satisfaction with the service. The testimonials provided only strengthen Phillip’s messaging by capturing genuinely impressed customers.

The video also showcases photographs and video footage of Phillip’s capabilities in large holiday displays. The voice of the account manager describes that Phillip’s can do just about anything from a 12-foot wide wreath, an 8-foot tall nutcracker, and even a 30-foot tall tree.

Phillip’s Web Intro does not end without sharing their mission, which is to be the Most progressive and creative team providing quality plants, exceptional green certified service, and unique holiday displays. A web intro like this one builds trust with customers while providing examples of Phillip’s Flowers work and the impact it has on their customers and employees alike.

This brand video concludes with a static call to action, encouraging customers to call or visit Phillip’s website. In addition to displaying the Phillip’s logo, the title and conclusion cards proudly feature their Green Earths Green Plants Certification badge.

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