Youth Football Sports Videography Season Recap Montage

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Video Project Description

Football players learn to be tough – they play in the rain, in the mud, and in the cold. Vanilla Video videographers might not be as strong as a football player, but as long as the game is on we will show up and film. This sample is a video montage of a football team’s best moments captured on camera throughout the course of a season.

Filming football games at any age level proves to be an extremely useful tool for parents and coaches alike. This video montage shows that Vanilla Video usually gets the coach’s action on camera too. Our fast online delivery allows coaches and players to review their action and learn about how they perform on the field, outside of practice. Being able to rewind and rewatch moments throughout a game allows players to focus on specific techniques they need to improve on for their next game. Having a season’s worth of footage allows players to see how they grew over the course of a football season. During off-season, they can continue practicing on their own and working on their game for next year, since they are knowledgeable and aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Parents can use things they learn from video footage to practice with their young athletes after school and on the weekends.

Another reason parents love Vanilla Video for filming football games are the memories. Videos are easy to share online with family and friends, and they can watch the videos whenever they like. Everyone knows that kids grow up too fast, having videos to go back in time allow parents to see how their child has changed and grown over the years. Gathering a season’s worth of footage allows for a great range of material to use to create a video montage like this one. These videos are fun to watch at end of the season parties where parents and players can see how the team grew over the course of the season. They also get to see the most intense moments of the season one more ti

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