Round Table Discussion – Women in Real Estate

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Video Project Description

Filming round table discussions or conferences is a great way to produce content marketing pieces for any industry. This sample created for Walmart and Crew Network features real women in the real estate industry giving advice for other women looking to start their careers. Getting a group of experienced professionals in a room and hosting a discussion makes for educational and shareable content online. The actual video is much longer as the group covers a breadth of topics in the real estate industry, however this is a great video to share with LinkedIn members, as well as directly with Real Estate Certification programs and education resources.

Content marketing is produced content not directly related to a company’s products or discussing their brand. The women in this video simply talk about their own experiences as women in the real estate agency. Each of them gives advice to other women, especially those who are new to the industry. The advice they give is relevant to any career.

What makes content marketing successful are pieces that are relevant and shareable to those within a target market. Typically the broader the appeal, the better. The reason companies use content marketing online today is to connect with their customers and open a dialogue with them that does not involve selling them anything. Giving out free, consumable information in the form of videos or blog posts allows customers to interact with their customers and learn more about them without getting them to spend a dime.

Creating content marketing videos does not need to be complicated. Vanilla Video can show up and film just about anything, anywhere. If you have an idea for a content marketing piece or series, we can work with you to come up with a plan within your budget and create videos that work for you.

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