My Grandparents’ House – Nostalgic Video

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Video Project Description

Two of Vanilla Video co-founders Frank and Nick Romano filmed empty rooms of their grandparents’ house after they moved out. Our mission at Vanilla Video is to nurture love and nostalgia in communities by making video an abundant part of everyday life. With touching music, and slow pans of every room in the home, the Romano family can always look back on this video to see what their grandparent’s house looked like. They can remember all of the memories they made while playing together at their grandparent’s home.

Moving is a big life event – when you leave a home, you leave behind memories. From children playing in the backyard to special moments at the dinner table – there’s a lot of living contained within the walls and fenced in yard. Seeing pictures of a home or empty rooms jogs these memories. Family life resides in a home – the closest, most intimate memories occur within the walls, hidden from the world. While we live in a society so keen on sharing every moment with friends and family, there are cozy moments that a family may remember out of the blue. Secret laughs or tears that nobody else knows about, all after laying eyes on an old photograph, or passing by a room rarely stepped in.

While this video was a creative project, we truly encourage all of our customers to film everything. Whether it is a big life event, or just a dinner gathering with your closest friends. Video is a great tool for holding memories or inspiring nostalgia. There is something special about grandma’s house – the smells of home cooking, the vintage décor style, cousins playing in the upstairs bedroom before Christmas Eve dinner while the adults talked and waited for the feast to be served. These are memories that any adult would look back on fondly. While Frank and Nick will be visiting their grandparents’ in a different home now, they can always look back and see what the house they used to play in looked like. A video like this makes a beautiful family keepsake that everyone can enjoy.

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