Multi-Camera Cake Cutting Ceremony Chicago Wedding Video

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Video Project Description

This is always a fun moment where couple’s personalities truly shine through. While their guests watch, this couple cuts their beautiful, ombre purple tiered cake. They laugh throughout as they struggle to get a little piece onto the plate. The groom fakes a little bite away from his bride and everyone laughs.

Here is an example of multi-camera videography used to capture a couple’s cake cutting ceremony. One videographer remains zoomed in on the couple as they cut the cake and share bites with each other, while another camera captures them a little farther out. In the editing phase, the shots are cut together to create a seamless video built with dynamic cut-ins taken from a variety of angles.

Vanilla Video recommends wedding couples choose multi-camera videography for their wedding. Having two cameras allows multiple angles of the same moment to be captured. In this example, we have a close-up shot and a shot farther away. In other moments, such as during the speeches – one camera focuses on the speaker, while the other captures the reactions of the bride and groom. A favorite reason to choose multi-camera videography for a wedding is to capture the groom’s reaction as his bride walks down the aisle. Multi-camera videography is the only way to capture two angles simultaneously during a moment, with two cameras we can capture just about everything.

For couples who are unsure of whether multi-camera videography is a good option for them, we recommend one camera per 125 guests. However, using two cameras certainly works well for smaller parties as well. Weddings are long events, two videographers working as a team means that between the two of them, it is nearly impossible to miss anything. Also with two videographers, one can work out the details with sound while the other continues shooting at the reception.

Regardless of the options you choose for your wedding, Vanilla Video is here to help you make it easy. We truly believe every wedding is special and worth recording on video. Family dynamics changes over time, it is always fun to go back to a wedding video and recall how much a family has grown over the years.

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