Catholic Church Homily Multi-Camera Wedding Video

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Video Project Description

A catholic priest gives a message to the young bride and groom during their wedding ceremony. He says, “Only true love can make sacrifices easy.” The bride and groom as well as their best man and maid of honor kneel as they listen to the priest’s message. This wedding video was captured with multiple cameras inside of the church. Vanilla Video created a multi-camera edit where various angles are cut together seamlessly, showing the priest as well as the expressions on the bridal party’s face as the priest speaks.

When it comes to filming your wedding, Vanilla Video recommends to choose a multi-camera option. Multi-camera videography allows for a wider variety of angles and shots as well as greater coverage during an event. When using two cameras, our videographers position themselves in a way that allows for a variety of different shots. Throughout the day, they work together as a team to ensure they get the best shot. One camera is typically responsible for taking a larger picture of what is happening, while the other takes close-ups and more unique shots. Multi-camera videography typically results in more artistic shots taken by the secondary videographer. Using two or three videographers also ensures audio quality, as one person will be tasked with taking care of all the audio leaving another videographer to get more footage on camera.

Regardless of whether you choose to film your wedding or event with one camera or two, getting your wedding on video is important. After the day is over, you cannot go back to it – unless you have it on video. With Vanilla Video, we make filming your special day super easy. We gather all of your details and you can relax and enjoy your day. Our videographers always show up thirty minutes prior to start time and begin filming as soon as they are ready to go. We always attempt to get as much footage as possible, allowing you to go back and relive your special day for years to come.

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