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Video Project Description

Creating internal video is an easy way to reach every employee in a company, even if everyone cannot be present for a meeting or informational session. Rather than hurting productivity of an entire company by having everyone leave their desks for a long meeting, or even halting or changing travel plans to communicate with employees – an internal video is versatile, shareable, and easy to watch whenever employees find time in their schedules. Creating an internal training video with Vanilla Video is easy, we can show up to film anything, anywhere.

Internal videos do more than save time and money while protecting employee productivity. In the digital age where many companies employ a remote workforce or even hire freelancers for a variety of tasks – using a video ensures an important message will reach these people. While a long email or memo may typically be overlooked, remote employees welcome a video message, where they can interact with someone in their company visually. While we spend so much of our time communicating electronically, it is easy to forget that we are all human, and everyone would prefer to listen to a message coming from a human face than read another boring email.

Using internal videos is a great way to train employees – whether it is their first day on the job, or the company is launching a Spend Smart Initiative, like in the video sample above. Companies cannot rely solely on video to teach a concept or skill to employees, however using video certainly helps drive a message home. A video only needs to be recorded once – once we deliver the raw footage it can be shared to hundreds of people and replayed as many times as they need until they understand something. Video allows employees to learn faster when concepts are taught alongside other training methods.

Companies that earn most of their revenue from sales of products and services can use internal videos to communicate new offerings to the work force, before the news is presented publicly customers. Video is a great way to build hype internally prior to a product or service launches, and these are also good opportunities to introduce branding messages or sales instructions alongside a launch.

Building a strong brand starts from within. Every internal video is an opportunity to strengthen brand messages and strategies among a workforce, regardless of the topic of video. Companies can choose to include visual messaging such as logos, slogans, and colors that integrate internal guidelines for communication. Companies that communicate with employees via video frequently ensure that their brand is represented well by their employees through the use of brand reinforcement with every piece of communication.

Regardless of what a company hopes to achieve with their internal video – Vanilla Video is here to make creating one easy. Whenever we film – our professional videographers come equipped with all the gear necessary to film with perfect visuals and flawless audio. In this sample, we place a lavalier mic on the speaker allowing for crisp and clear audio throughout the video. To keep our costs low, we do not make use of studio spaces unless absolutely necessary. For most internal videos, a company’s lobby or conference room is more than sufficient to create a beautiful internal video that employees will find educational and enjoyable.

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