Restoring Wellness with Naperville Integrated Wellness Brand Film

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Video Project Description

This cinematic brand film for Naperville Integrated Wellness functional medicine clinic takes place right inside Dr. Clint Sexton’s office. The doctor describes functional medicine, which is becoming a widely sought after treatment style across the United States today. Rather than approaching patients with blanket treatments – the doctor and his specialist use common sense to determine the underlying problems of recurring health issues.

Brand films allow potential customers to learn more and understand how your business works. In this case, viewers get to know Dr. Sexton as well as his specialist. They can tell that this team brings passion for functional medicine to the practice every single day because it shines through on the screen. Inspirational and moving music plays behind the interviews and voiceovers, bringing an extra layer of emotion into the web intro film.

When creating a video for your business, gathering footage is typically the best place to start. Depending on the length of a session, Vanilla Video can grab footage of services being performed, on-location b-roll, customer testimonials, as well as interviews from the business owner and key team members. Once all the footage is gathered, Vanilla Video can edit together a brand film that will look great online while informing current and potential customers.

Many companies come to Vanilla Video every year to begin their digital asset collection. With an extensive library of footage, businesses can create multiple videos for sharing without appearing stale or out of date. Shots that represent your brand and story can be reused again, not only saving time, but also working to strengthen your brand’s imagery. Likewise, videos can work as a virtual sales force, answering common customer questions without much action on the part of the customer. Vanilla Video makes it easy to incorporate various brand elements such as logos as slogans – in this case we bookended the video with title cards including the company’s logo, slogans, and even more information inviting viewers to visit their website or call their office.

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