Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse Brand Film

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Video Project Description

Brazilian jazz inspired electronic beats soundtrack the up-close and personal shots of all the tasty food at Chicago favorite, Fogo de Chao Brazilian Steakhouse. Beginning with B-roll of the outside of the restaurant, we move into the kitchen were spears of meat are roasted with a flame. The camera moves to the dining room, featuring a large spread of salads and sides ready for guests to sample. A bar tender shakes a cocktail with fresh squeezed lime juice. We see up-close shots of slices of meat being served for well-dressed clientele.

The exterior b-roll shots juxtaposed against footage of the luxuriously decorated interior paint Fogo de Chao as an oasis within the bustle of the city. The restaurant shelters diners away from crowds and loud noises, giving them endless food and drink to feast on after a long day or busy week. Capturing every detail possible allows brands to tell a story using video rather than spoken words and flashy text content. Footage from this video was used in a news broadcast about the popular downtown restaurant, however it serves a dual purpose as a brand film.

Though made up of a collection of short and simple cinematic shots, this video showcases the unique dining experience provided by Fogo de Chao’s downtown Chicago location. Everyone has heard of this Steakhouse, but after watching this video they can truly say that the food looks as delicious as it sounds. This video captures every detail of the restaurant, from the exterior, to the wine cellar, to the décor – keeping the branding consistent throughout the video.

All footage was captured by a single camera and then edited together with audio and music footage. The editors chose to leave in a low hum of the restaurant frequenters enjoying their experience giving the video a livelier feel. We can hear customers chatting and laughing, forks and knives clattering, the fire roasting, and even the ice clinking against the glass as the cocktail is poured. A video like this one plays with the senses of the viewer, enticing them to come on in and try a steak, Brazilian style.

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