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Video Project Description

Ordering multi-camera coverage from Vanilla Video always means you get the good stuff, on top of all the action. When it comes to sports, having multiple videographers present allow us to take more up-close shots without risking missing any action. When our videographers shoot together, they communicate with each other and establish their specific roles. Together they capture a dynamic range of shots including all of the main action, as well as candid shots or creative angles. While many do not think of sports videography with much room for creativity – many student athletes enjoy seeing themselves in those up-close angles. In this sample, the camera is positioned near the basket and the videographer captures #4 as he dribbles towards the basket and then zooms closer on the ball as it goes into the basket. The drama in this moment would have been lost at the wider angle the primary videographer gets from the top of the bleachers.

Using multiple cameras also allows coaches to get a closer look at the players who spend the most time handling the ball or defending the basket. The secondary videographer for this game stood courtside and changes sides throughout the game. Shots captured by the secondary camera involve closer takes at players with the ball or players defending the basket. In this case we see #4 up close as he approaches the basket with the ball.

Multi-camera shoots involve two sources of video which our team cuts together in the editing room prior to delivering it to the coach or team. When editing multi-camera shoots of sports, we typically show the beginning of a play from the primary or bleacher angle and then zoom in with the secondary angle. This allows the team to see their general movement across the court before seeing the up-close action shots. Not only is this style of editing useful for the team, it makes all sports videos easier to watch. Any sports aired on national television also follow the same general rule even when broadcasting live.

Vanilla Video professional sports videography packages are suitable to handle any sport, regardless of action level. While a single videographer is sufficient to record a game on video, multiple cameras allow for a dynamic range of angles giving the team an opportunity to see the action up close. We always film documentary style and this is no exception with sports. In fact when it comes to capturing a sports game on video, we always film continuously ensuring we do not miss a second of the heat.

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