YMCA Summer Camp Montage Promotional Video

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Video Project Description

Summer camp fosters fond memories for children across the country. The organization YMCA is known for creating summer camps for all school-aged children that keep those boring dog days of summer away while giving parents a safe place to bring their kids as they continue working throughout the day. While YMCA has an established brand and is well known among parents in a variety of communities, a video like this one is visual proof that YMCA camps are fun for kids and provide peace of mind for parents.

Edited montages make for great promotional videos or keepsakes after any event. This video actually served both purposes, YMCA sent it as a keepsake to parents at the end of the summer camp, and used it as a promotional video on their website, social media channels, and within e-mail newsletters. Montages made up of artistic cuts and fun, up-beat music inspire emotion in viewers, whether they are happy parents or potential customers. Parents who sent their kids to this YMCA camp watched this video and searched for their child’s smiling face. While they heard their child talk positively about camp throughout the summer, this montage allows them to see for themselves. Cultivating these positive feelings with current customers increases the chances that they will remain repeat customers. For viewers that are sending their children to camp – this video allows them to see real children enjoying their time, chaperoned by supervisors that enjoy their work. These parents are looking for a safe and nourishing environment to send their kids during the summer. They already know YMCA is a trusted organization that has experience working with children. When they see this video, they are put in a position to make their final decision.

Montages are inspiring, rather than convincing. Companies using everything in their power to build trust with their customers do not need to be doing much convincing. Video allows customers to see that a particular product or service is just for someone like them, making their ultimate purchase decision much easier to make. Once a customer can stop their search is when they make their final decision. This does not require a complicated promotional video, rather a simple video that shows customers the nature of a product or service allows them to see that a service is the right one for them.

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