Neiman Marcus x ChargeItSpot Testimonials

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Video Project Description

This video captures customer testimonials about ChargeItSpot located inside the Michigan Avenue Neiman Marcus store in Downtown Chicago. The testimonial video begins with B-Roll of bustling Michigan Avenue where the luxury retail store is located. Throughout the video, customers discuss their feelings and experience about the secure charging station making its way across the country called ChargeItSpot.

This testimonial is extremely effective for several reasons. First, customers share their positive opinions about ChargeItSpot – just about every single customer spoke about how “easy” the machine was to use. The testimonials came from women of all ages and walks of life, and a man was interviewed as well. This showed that ChargeItSpot is truly for anyone who needs an extra boost for their phone.

Next the customers talked about how well it worked. They disclosed how much charge their phones had when they walked into the store, and how much charge they had after using ChargeItSpot. It was interesting to see that most of them really needed a charge! This let ChargeItSpot know that their service is useful, especially in a location like a department store.

The Neiman Marcus customers also spoke about the additional benefits ChargeItSpot provided. Many of them said they were able to focus more on their shopping trip rather than being distracted by their phones. ChargeItSpot improved their overall shopping experience – these testimonials demonstrate that Neiman Marcus has the right idea by putting these ChargeItSpots in their stores.

Beyond gathering customer opinions and experiences with the ChargeItSpot unit, this video is more than a testimonial reel. It serves as a case study and focus group all in one. Customers saying great things about the machine is one thing, but capturing an overall improved experience inside of a retail is pure gold in the days where online shopping is rapidly changing the retail climate. Video is an easy way to accomplish several missions at once, here ChargeItSpot shows how it is useful for customers and retail stores alike. Though charts and graphs can certainly help pitch a sale, using a video like this one lets results truly speak for themselves.

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