Beautiful Live Singing for Outdoor Wedding Processional

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Video Project Description

At an outdoor wedding ceremony in the Chicagoland area, a relative of the bride sings “The Water is Wide” as the Father of the Bride walks his daughter down the aisle. The bride and her father appear, inspiring awe in the crowd. The groom waits for his bride at the end of the aisle, beaming. The audio remains flawless throughout the video, as the videographer plugged into the sound system present giving the video great material for a sound track. This clip was edited to cut from the singer, to the bride and her father, to the bride and groom together before the officiant. The videographer also captures friends and family of the bride and groom standing as the bride is walked down the aisle.

When Vanilla Video shows up to film a wedding – we care about the sound. In this sample, we took an audio feed from the sound system at the ceremony. Even though this ceremony took place outside – sounds of wind and cars passing by are inaudible. We know there is more to video than looking professional, it has to sound perfect too.

For covering a wedding ceremony we always recommend an extra 30-60 minutes on top of the ceremony time. This allows one of our videographers to take enough footage that paints a clear picture about what your wedding ceremony was like. We capture b-roll shots as well as pans of décor, and most importantly the guests as they mingle together in anticipation of the bridal processional.

Regardless of the type of package you choose or the size of your wedding we are here to encourage you to get it on video. We truly believe that every single wedding is important. Getting your wedding on video does not have to be complicated or expensive, Vanilla Video makes it easy and affordable for everyone with thirty minute coverage starting at just $99.

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