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Video Project Description

Vanilla Video edited and cut together footage from a season’s worth of lacrosse matches to create a college recruiting video for a lacrosse player. In this video any coach can see the skills the lacrosse player possesses on the field in a variety of situations during games. Each new shot starts with a paused shot with a red circle around the player. This makes the player easy to see right before any of the action happens, saving the college coach some time as they watch the recruiting video.

Ensuring a recruiting video is successful involves selecting shots the show as much of the player’s ability as possible, in the shortest amount of time. We typically recommend that a sports recruiting video does not last much longer than five minutes. College coaches are busy people, especially during recruiting season. Vanilla Video sports videographers and editors are experienced and passionate about sports videography. We can create recruiting videos with very little to no direction – as long as we have the footage. It is not necessary that all of the footage be from action packed matches, coaches want to get a good idea of the type of player the athlete will be. Footage can be taken from practices and scrimmages as well as individual training sessions.

We understand how important college applications are and we know that they typically require more information about a student’s academic record than their athletic ability. We are here to make this part of the college application process easy. While we welcome any direction from customers, we are also experienced enough to decide which shots to include and how to edit them together in a meaningful way. Vanilla Video is armed with a passionate sports videography team that understands which shots to get in order to make a winning recruiting video for any sport.

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