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Video Project Description

Students looking to get into college and be a part of the music program are typically expected to submit video audition tapes of their playing to be considered for entrance and scholarships. While it is easy to record a single song on a digital camera or even an iPhone – recording a live performance with Vanilla Video ensures quality video and professional audio, every time. Our videographers are equipped with all of the right gear that they need to make sure a musician sounds great in their video.

Applying to college is a big deal for many young musicians. Recording something like a music recital while the musician is professionally dressed is a great opportunity to get footage for a college audition video. Not only does the video look and sound professional, the musician looks serious about their future since they are dressed in businesslike attire. Vanilla Video can film any performance and edit it into a music video, musician or band promotional video, as well as an audition video. The cool thing about video is that it is extremely versatile. Our videographers are always ready with the right tools to make sure our video project sound just as professional as they look, this means we use mics present on the camera, lavalier microphones, and we plug into microphones and the sound system of the venue whenever possible. Typically we attempt to get audio from two different sources so we can choose the best audio for your final edit.

This audition video application was filmed with a single camera and the audio was captured by the camera’s internal microphone. We filmed the video during the musician’s recital and edited it in time for his college scholarship application. Since we deliver all of our footage through our online viewer, it is easy to share videos via hyperlink. Vanilla Video is also capable of creating tangible media such as DVDs or flash drives with video for an additional charge.

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