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Video Project Description

Another exciting moment in youth football – a touchdown made from across the field by lucky number 21! The crowd goes wild, blasting air horns, and clanking cowbells while cheering on their junior Packers against the Bears. Playing on a sports team is a fun memory for any child, whether they go on to play later in life or not. Many people fondly look back on their time as a young athlete – going through grueling practices and working to win game after game. Capturing moments on video means parents can always look back to a time when their kids were younger. These are great videos to share at graduation parties or on social media with family and friends.

All of our sports games are filmed in high definition with a higher frame rate. With more frames per second, our cameras can capture fast paced action of any sport without resulting in a blurry picture. When we show up to film a sports game, our cameras are rolling from before the game starts to moments after the game ends. This means we capture some of the fun moments many people overlook – nervous players warming up before a big game, celebrating after a big win, and serious little athletes listening to their coach during a half-time pep-talk.

Sports are a big part of many American children’s lives. Parents dedicate hours of time, driving them to and from practice and watching all of their games. Kids make some of their first and closest friendships. These are important moments that deserve to be preserved. Many kids that play a sport when they are young, go on to learn different skills or play different sports as they get older. Some of them never play another sport again. Not every child is a sports star, but everyone makes memories on the field with their friends as their family watches them play.

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