Multi-Camera Fertility Doctor Interview Video

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Video Project Description

Telling a story on video gives viewers a better understanding of who they expect to work with when searching for a product or service. In this case, a doctor is shown telling his story to a member of a medical industry networking group called Ova Ova. She asks the doctor about how he got into fertility treatments and why he devoted his life to this line of work. In telling his story, the doctor explains how he started in the medical field. He began his career in medicine as a gynecologist. Advancements in fertility boomed in the 1980s, while he and his wife struggled with fertility issues. The doctor then decided to study more at the Mayo Clinic in order to become a fertility specialist to help other families with fertility issues.

Many people often forget that doctors go into their line of work in order to help other people. A video like this one allows potential patients to see that this doctor cares about his work as well as the families he is assisting. Fertility is becoming a larger struggle among families across the country and though there are medical treatments to enhance fertility, many couples face emotional pain when dealing with their infertility. Doctors must approach this medical issue sensitively, as they work with couples struggling to start a family they dream about having.

This multi-camera video features a variety of angles of the doctor and the interviewer as they hold their conversation about the doctor’s career and experience. The interview took place right in the doctor’s office. Throughout the interview, the doctor speaks in a conversational tone, setting a warm and approachable tone to the video. Videos like this are rather simple to produce while adding value to any businesses digital asset library. An interview video can be shared easily online – in its entirety in a single post or in short clips to create a series.

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